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Star Wars previews two new series telling same story from opposing viewpoints

By Christian Long
Star Wars: TIE Fighter #1

As the world (galaxy?) of Star Wars continues to expand, the methods of how its stories are being told are changing as well. The franchise's newest endeavor will tie in a comic miniseries with a trilogy of novels, telling similar stories from radically opposing viewpoints.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter, a miniseries from Marvel Comics, will be told from the Empire's perspective, while Del Rey BooksStar Wars: Alphabet Squadron will tell the story from the Rebellion's point of view. In celebration of this ambitious crossover project, the official Star Wars website revealed the first look at the covers for both (as seen in the gallery below).

Each story is set shortly after the events in Return of the Jedi, with TIE Fighter following an elite group of Imperial pilots known as Shadow Wing, who aren't going to let something like the destruction of the second Death Star stop the Empire's broader interests. The miniseries will be penned by Star Wars comic veteran Jody Houser, with art from Rogê Antônio.

Meanwhile, Alphabet Squadron, out this June, centers on a group of Rebel pilots who each fly a different class of vehicle, hence their moniker, and are busy chasing down a certain elite group of Imperial TIE pilots. The novel was written by Alexander Freed, and will be the first book in a trilogy.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is destined to hit comic stores this April, with its sister series Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron hitting bookstores everywhere in June.

Will you be picking up a copy of either one? Let us know in the comments.