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SYFY WIRE Star Wars Weekly

Star Wars Weekly: Keri Russell cried at Rise of Skywalker, Galaxy's Edge puts on a show, and more

By Bryan Young
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon

Time again for STAR WARS WEEKLY, the SYFY WIRE series that rounds up the most important news of the week from a galaxy far, far away. Think of us as your own personal Star Wars Holocron.


Star Wars Celebration Anaheim might not be for another 14 months, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing for it now. In fact, you sort of have to, as tickets and hotel reservations go on sale today. There's no telling how fast they'll all sell out, so you'll want to jump in on it now.

The next Celebration takes place from August 27 to 30, 2020 in Anaheim, so you'll want to make sure you plan enough time to visit Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland as well. There won't be any stringent reservation system in place like there is today and the Rise of the Resistance attraction will be open then, too.


Kathleen Kennedy brought in a new voice to help shepherd the future of Star Wars, naming Michelle Rejwan the SVP of Live Action Development and Production for Lucasfilm.

Rejwan has worked with J.J. Abrams for a chunk of her career and has produced two Star Wars films, The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker. She's going to be one of the steady hands developing the future slate of Star Wars. With more Disney+ live action shows on the horizon in addition to the movies, there's probably more that needs to be overseen than ever.

With yet another woman on the executive team, let's hope she focuses some effort on cultivating the talent of underrepresented filmmakers in the world of Star Wars.


Keri Russell is a new addition to the world of Star Wars and she's playing a mysterious masked character named Zorri Bliss. What her role in The Rise of Skywalker is is anyone's guess, but we do know she got a chance to read the whole script, according to an interview with the Associated Press.

"When I read his script that [J.J.] wrote I cried," she said to The AP. "I mean who knows what it will turn out to be and I hope it remains true to what he originally wanted."

The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20.


Destroyer Droids, the most fearsome foes in the Separatist arsenal, are making their way into Battlefront II and it reminds me that I should go back to playing this game again when I have time. It's like an all-new experience.

Battlefront II is still available on all the major console systems and PC.


In the early days of previews for Galaxy's Edge, there was art floating around for a dining show set on Batuu. There are some truly wondrous ideas incorporated into the idea of the dining experience. Disney canceled it at Black Spire Outpost, though, over concerns about capacity — concerns that were well-founded, since it's already a place where you need a reservation to even go inside the Cantina.

Instead, it's being reported that it's being retooled for inclusion in the resort hotel experience being planned in Florida, which makes that experience that much more enticing and something that can't be missed.

That resort is supposed to open at the end of August.


I'm happy to report that researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have done some great work in the world of Star Wars. Namely, they've taught seals how to sing the Star Wars theme.

This was all part of research into how vocal patterns are learned and will help advance the field of language development. And if Star Wars plays a small part in that, all the better.

Until next week, May the Force Be With You!