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Stargirl’s Luke Wilson teases ‘cliffhanger’ ending, plans for Season 2 on The CW

By Trent Moore
Stargirl Luke WIlson

The rest of the Arrowverse might be on hiatus, but The CW had one more super-show up its sleeve in Stargirl — and now it’s quickly coming to an end, too. With just two episodes left, star Luke Wilson has opened up about what fans can expect from the finale, and the new-confirmed second season.

The show, which started as a DC Universe exclusive that also aired on The CW — but is now exclusively shifting to The CW for Season 2 — focuses on a young hero (Brec Bassinger) discovering her powers while trying to uncover a supervillain plot in an unassuming small town. The first season has found Bassinger’s Courtney assemble a new, young team of heroes with the help of her step-father, a former sidekick played by Wilson.

In an interview with Collider, Wilson teased the season finale of the current season isn’t so much an ending as a beginning to a new chapter coming next season. He recounted walking into series creator Geoff John’s office and finding a board on the wall mapping out storylines and characters he didn’t understand — which kind of freaked him out, considering he’d read the scripts for Season 1.
“Geoff walked in and was like, ‘Oh, that’s Season 2.’ I was like, ‘You’re already working on Season 2?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, I just had some ideas and started putting them down,’” he explained. “Over the course of these episodes, the story just keeps building, and there is a climax, but they’re still right in the thick of things in Blue Valley, with what the villains have set up, as they emerge, and who they are, in real life.”

So we know Season 2 is mapped out, but what will it look like? Wilson didn’t offer up any hard spoilers, but did confirm the action will remain in the small town setting of Blue Valley — it’ll just be even more overrun with baddies: “When it ends, in Season 2, they’ll still be in that town and so are the villains. It’s not over.”

Stargirl airs Tuesday nights on The CW.