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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Storylines we need to see in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7


If you love Star Wars, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be subscribing to Disney+. In addition to two officially announced Star Wars live-action series, Disney's upcoming streaming service is reviving Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated show that kept the flame alive when there were no Star Wars movies being made. However, the series was brought to a premature end, and it lacked a true finale. But that may be about to change in the upcoming seventh season.

SYFY WIRE has once again assembled our Jedi Council of Star Wars experts: Caitlin Busch, Jackie Jennings, and Matt Romano. Together, they’re going over the storylines we need to see in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7. Bizarrely, we know more about the remaining gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith because Star Wars Rebels filled in some of that intel. For example, we know that Ahsoka became “acquainted” with Darth Maul. In the Clone Wars Season 7 teaser trailer, we briefly witnessed Ahsoka’s lightsaber battle with Maul. 

Ahsoka has almost always been the main POV character of the series, so it’s fitting that we’ll learn more about her time away from the Jedi Order. But for the show to get a true sense of closure, it would be nice to see how Ahsoka survived Order 66 and the resulting Jedi purge. It also stands to reason that the long gap between seasons may allow Lucasfilm to tie the new trilogy of films with events that took place during the Clone Wars.

Additionally, there are a few Star Wars comics and novels that covered stories that took place after The Clone Wars series initially wrapped up. If any of those tales make it into the revived show, then we’re gonna be very happy.

For more details about what we want from The Clone Wars Season 7, check out the full video, then let us know in the comments what you're hoping to see!