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'Stranger Things 4' drops creepy Volume 2 trailer, spoiler-filled after-show digging into Part 1

The next Stranger Things episodes are just weeks away.

By Matthew Jackson
Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Sneak Peak

Stranger Things 4 arrived last month with seven massive episodes in its first volume, setting up a major new conflict that seems to point the way to the show's endgame. Over the course of those episodes, we met some enemies, made a few new friends, and got some very big revelations about the nature of the Upside Down and the creatures who seem to rule it. Now, it's time to look ahead to the conclusion

Thursday's installment of Netflix's Geeked Week festivities was devoted entirely to the Stranger Things universe, with a new aftershow starring the cast and creators and a brand-new Dungeons & Dragons session featuring the cast members who make up the "Hellfire Club" of Season 4. Plus, after dropping little snippets of footage on the streaming service itself, Netflix finally revealed the Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 teaser footage in wide release for the whole world to see. 

It's not much, but we do get some very tantalizing glimpses of what's to come in the final two super-sized episodes. Several characters, including Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Robin (Maya Hawke), and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) are fighting things out in the Upside Down, while Hopper (David Harbour) and Barry (Brett Gellman) are looking around a secret facility containing various creatures, including a smoky beast we've never seen before. All the while, we hear Vecna's voice over it all, teasing that he's free, and that the fight is almost at an end.

Check it out below:

The teaser footage was accompanied by two new features for Stranger Things fans Tuesday, including Stranger Things 4 Unlocked, an aftershow in which host Felicia Day interviewed the cast and creators about how the new season came together. Along the way, she got an interesting tease from creators Matt and Ross Duffer about how the big revelations in Season 4 came about, and what they mean for the secrets still to come in the fifth season.

"[During the writing of Season 1] We sat down with our writers, and we spent a couple of weeks just going 'OK, what is the Upside Down, and how did it come to be, and what monsters are in there,' and all this," Ross Duffer explained. "It's about a 20-page document, and that really has most of what we're talking about now. It wasn't that detailed, but the big beats [are there], and there's still stuff, and we hint about it in this season. We start getting into a little bit about the Upside Down, but we don't answer it yet, but we have those answers. So the last sort of remaining questions that are answered in that document, we've punted a couple of those to have some big reveals in Season 5, and that's really going to affect what Season 5 is about."

You can watch the full aftershow, as well as a new Dungeons & Dragons session with the cast, over on the Stranger Things YouTube page.

Stranger Things 4 returns for its final two episodes July 1. 

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