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Summer camp is invaded by aliens in the trailer for Netflix's Rim of the World

By Matthew Jackson
Rim of the World crop

For some kids, summer camp is a stressful affair even when everything goes right. You're away from home, it's hot, and there are plenty of strange kids who aren't necessarily interested in becoming your new best friend. Throw in an alien invasion, and you're in for one really crazy summer without ever having to climb into a canoe.

That's the premise that kick-starts Rim of the World, the new Netflix original film directed by McG (Charlie's AngelsTerminator: Salvation) and written by Zack Stentz (ThorX-Men: First Class). Netflix finally dropped the official trailer for the new sci-fi adventure flick, and if the rest of the film is like this, we should all be prepared for Goonies meets Independence Day. With dashes of everything from Jurassic Park to Stranger Things thrown in for good measure.

Rim of the World poster

The film follows four misfit kids (Jack Gore, Miya Cech, Benjamin Flores Jr., and Alessio Scalzotto) as they head off to a summer camp called Rim of the World. The kids have mixed feelings about being there at all, but the camp experience is quickly forgotten when aliens launch an invasion of the planet. As the kids fight for survival, they're rather unexpectedly given a key that, in the right hands, could save the human race. With just a sports car and each other, the kids set out on a journey to get the key to the right people and save the world.

The film has all the ingredients of both classic alien invasion flicks and classic kid adventure movies, blending action and comedy to create the perfect environment for unlikely heroes. It could be the throwback romp of the summer if they can pull it off. Now we just have to wait and see how the other pieces of the puzzle are filled in.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

Rim of the World arrives on Netflix May 24.