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Supergirl producers open up on how Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor fits with previous canon

By Josh Weiss
Jon Cryer Lex Luthor

The second half of Supergirl's fourth season on The CW will introduce one of DC Comics' most iconic villains in the form of Lex Luthor, played by Jon Cryer.

Whether you approve of this casting choice or not (Cryer is often considered to be more of a comedic actor than a dramatic one), you can rest assured the Two and a Half Men actor's take on the classic Superman character will adhere closely to what has come before in the DC Universe.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the show's executive producers, Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner, teased Luthor's Supergirl debut, talking about he is perhaps the biggest antagonist to ever appear on the popular Arrowverse series.

"The character is not that dissimilar to what we’ve seen in canon," said Queller. "He just [has] a sparkle in his eye and is smarter than everybody in the room and 12 steps ahead of everyone, and just a large, delicious villain."

Supergirl | Suspicious Minds Extended Promo | The CW

Rovner also added his two cents, saying Luthor's plans will start to seep into every aspect of the show the longer he sticks around.

"We’re super excited about the introduction of Lex Luthor into our world and Jon Cryer’s portrayal of the character," he said. "I think that he’s the biggest supervillain we’ve had on the show, and his plans will kind of touch every character and impact the entire season moving forward once he arrives."

The series has been telling some interesting stories about racism and xenophobia this season, as lingering baddie Agent Liberty has slowly turned the public sentiment against Supergirl and her alien cohorts. With Agent Liberty behind bars, Luthor seems poised to step into the spotlight. Will he be looking to capitalize on the mood set in motion over the first half of the season?

Supergirl returns to The CW this Sunday, January 20, with the episode "Suspicious Minds."