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'Supergirl' showrunner reveals her spinoff pitch, and it’s probably not the one you’d expect

By Josh Weiss
Supergirl The CW

The CW's Supergirl is currently in the middle of airing its sixth and final season, but if co-showrunner Jessica Queller had her way, the story wouldn't end there. Recently chatting with The Wrap, Queller revealed an unexpected and Smallville-ian idea she has for a potential spinoff of the DC series. 

"I’m really attached to the Midvale girls, to the flashback episodes [with] young Kara and young Alex and young Cat Grant," she said. "I think that would be a great spin-off."

The show gave fans a glimpse into Kara and Alex's formative years in a Season 3 episode aptly-titled "Midvale." Around the episode's premiere in 2017, Kara Danvers actress Melissa Benoist voiced her excitement over using the flashback format to deepen the relationship between Kara and her adoptive sister, Alex Danvers (played by Chyler Leigh). A flashback arc in the current season has also taken the action back to Midvale, introducing a young version of Cat Grant, played by Eliza Helm, in the process.

“I loved the idea when the writers said [they were going to] do this episode in Midvale," she said. “I thought it was brilliant and I think it’s really touching story of sisterhood. You get to see a lot of history between Alex and Kara that we’ve only ever alluded to. We had a flashback in Season 1, but this one goes further and is really touching and intimate and sentimental for these two women. And, just to show how close they really are and how unbreakable their bond is, which I love."

Supergirl Midvale younger flashback

Now, it should be noted that nothing is currently in the works for another Supergirl project. “I wish!” Queller reportedly exclaimed with a laugh. “Call the bosses!” She and her co-showrunner, Robert Rovner, are ready to return if the network is open to another round with Kara Danvers (currently played by Melissa Benoist). That said, a new iteration of Supergirl is slated to appear on the big screen in next year's standalone Flash movie (now in production), in which the character will be played by Sasha Calle.

Episode 6 ("Prom Again!") of Supergirl's final season premieres on The CW Tuesday, May 4 — aka Star Wars Day! — at 9 p.m. EST.

"We're so proud of everything we've been able to accomplish in the last five, almost six years," Benoist told Entertainment Weekly in March. "It's been such a journey: changing networks, changing cities we shot in, and changing the nights we've aired. We've gone through so much on this show, and I think creatively we were all able to step back and say that we're really proud of everything we've done and it felt like the right time."

Though spinning off a current hero or focusing on the DEO might seem like the obvious route a potential Supergirl spinoff could take, the Midvale angle really is the perfect fit for The CW's vibe — and it'd make the perfect lead-in to Stargirl.