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SYFY WIRE Supergirl

Supergirl's Dreamer debuts costumed look as TV's first transgender superhero

By Jacob Oller
Supergirl's Dreamer Nicole Maines

One of the Arrowverse’s newest super-additions has made her costumed debut. Dreamer, the alter-ego of Nia Nal (played by Nicole Maines), is the future-seeing, quip-lobbing hero joining the supersquad over at CatCo on Supergirl.

As the ancestor of The Legion of Superheroes’ Dream Girl, Nal has a lot to live up to. She’s also a boon for representation, as Dreamer is TV’s first transgender superhero. And now, we know what she’s going to look like in all her costumed splendor — which is awesome.

Take a look:

Supergirl's Dreamer Nicole Maines

Yep, that’s the costume of a pre-cog if you couldn’t tell by the ripples of psychic energy resonating from her sweet vest and Zorro mask. Maines will debut the suit during the Feb. 17 episode “Menagerie,” according to EW, while fans can catch a peek at it during Jan. 27’s “Blood Memories.” The season’s teaser highlights the moment when Dreamer is given the suit, but really the fun comes when it’s on.

Maines told SYFY WIRE back in December that wearing the costume dominated her thoughts. “I'm so excited,” Maines said. “I'm trying to conduct myself on set in a professional manner. And kind of be like ‘Pfft, I'm not completely obsessed with the super-suit.’  But it's all I think about. Every morning I wake up and think, 'I get a super-suit.’ So, I'm really really excited. It's going to be gorgeous! I have the best super-suit. I do.” And now fans can see the design and feel of a costume that has to share the screen with Supergirl and that Maines called “insane.”

What do you think? Did the suit live up to the hype?