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WIRE Buzz: Melissa McCarthy in first Superintelligence trailer; Fox works towards Greater Good; more

By Josh Weiss & Vanessa Armstrong

In her latest comedic role, Melissa McCarthy will try and stop an all-powerful artificial intelligence from going full Skynet and destroying the world. That's the basic premise of Superintelligence, a sci-fi/rom-com that debuts on HBO Max Thanksgiving Day. When the A.I. decides to spend a few days with Carol Peters (McCarthy), she has to somehow convince it that humanity is worth sparing. Soon, the government gets involved, tracking her every interaction with the A.I., which speaks in the voice of James Corden in an effort to put Carol (the most average person on Earth) at ease.

Written by Steve Mallory (The Looney Tunes ShowThe Boss), Superintelligence was directed by McCarthy's real-world husband, Ben Falcone, who also plays a government agent in the film. Watch the first trailer below:

Superintelligence | Official Trailer | HBO Max

To celebrate the trailer debut, McCarthy and Falcone announced their "20 Days of Kindness" campaign, in which "HBO Max will highlight and donate $20K to a different good cause daily for 20 days while encouraging others to lend their support along the way," reads the release. To kick things off, AT&T has pledged $1 million to Girls Who Code. The general public can take part by using the hashtag #20DaysOfKindness for posts and videos that emphasize words and random acts of kindness. If you donate to the campaign, you'll be entered to win a Tesla Model X or a virtual hangout with McCarthy.

Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man), Brian Tyree Henry (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), and Karan Soni (Deadpool) co-star.


Superintelligence will upload itself onto HBO Max Thursday, Nov. 26.

Fox is building upon its current slate of animation with Greater Good, a brand-new TV series from American Dad co-creator Mike Barker and and Comedy Bang! Bang! director Stoney Sharp. Barker and Sharp will serve as writers and executive producers, Deadline confirms.

The show is described as a workplace comedy that centers around "an international team of highly qualified but socially remedial misfits working and living in a hi-tech laboratory in the middle of rural Oklahoma," reads the official synopsis. Struggling to overcome office politics and interpersonal relationships, the team must work together in order to save the world for the "Greater Good."

There are no details beyond that initial plot description, but it sounds as though the project could have some Rick and Morty vibes if the aforementioned lab is full of crazy, sci-fi technology. 

Barker has also written for Family Guy and Father of the Pride, while Sharp is known for directing episodes of I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman, Broken, and Billy on The Street.

Leave it to Disney to leave you in tears with their promotion for a Mickey Mouse plush. The company, as part of its 40-year partnership with Make-A-Wish, has released a three-minute animated short that follows a Filipino family’s relationship with said plush over the decades.

Ready to cry, but happy tears? Check out the short here:   

The video starts in 1940, where a young girl gets a Mickey Mouse plush from her father. It then fast forwards to 2005, where the same young girl is now an older woman, who gives the same (or a similar one? How long can a stuffed animal last?) plush to her young granddaughter at Christmas time. Flash forward again, and the granddaughter has grown up, and appears to be too old to do the usual holiday traditions with her grandma.

Is she really too old, though? Spoiler: she’s not, and if that doesn’t warm your heart, there’s also a cute puppy who grows up as well.

According to Disney, proceeds from sales of the Vintage Mickey Plush also “unlock another donation to Make-A-Wish,” which should warm your heart too.

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