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SYFY WIRE Superman

Superman joins Twitter to restore 'truth and justice' to the platform

By Matthew Jackson
Superman Twitter

Seeing brands on Twitter, from fast food chains to candy companies, trying to wield their platforms to present actual personalities to the world is nothing new, yet officially sanctioned Twitter accounts for fictional characters are still somewhat less prevalent. Sure, much of the internet has fallen in love with Gritty, but despite his constant presence, launching the perfect character-driven, officially verified Twitter account is still not quite as ubiquitous as we might think. This might explain why it took this long for Superman, the character who launched the superhero genre as we know it more than 80 years ago, just logged onto Twitter for the first time this week. 

Months after Batman got his own official Twitter handle (because of course Batman would be an earlier adopter than Superman), the Man of Tomorrow finally kicked off his own DC Comics-sanctioned Twitter presence on Monday, and from his very first tweet it was clear that the Last Son of Krypton was eager to start talking like the cool kids. 

There's something rather beautiful about the earnestness of the wording here. No, "it me" is not exactly on the cutting edge of internet slang anymore, but it does feel like exactly the kind of thing Clark Kent would have picked up around the Daily Planet and then decided to deploy the very first time he used a public-facing social media platform. The Man of Steel's follow-up tweet, featuring a picture of Kal-El himself, was a nod in the direction of everyone who uses Twitter reluctantly, weary of what the site often contains.

And with that, the official Superman Twitter account is off and running. He might never rise to the heights of other superhero accounts — Hi, Deadpool! — but he'll never stop trying to do his best in 280 characters or less. Of course, as you might have guessed, the addition of an official Superman account to Twitter immediately spawned two things in its replies: Fans demanding the release of the fabled "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, and fans demanding a sequel to Man of Steel. Welcome to the internet, Kal-El, where all your heroism is no match for fans who didn't get the version of the movie they wanted.