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'Superman & Lois' suiting up for new Arrowverse spinoff series at The CW

By Benjamin Bullard
Elizabeth Tulloch Elseworlds

When Lois Lane and the Man of Steel show up for DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths this December, it might look like only a welcome cameo from a duo that fans have been missing on the small screen — at least as the stars of their own show — for a while. But thanks to The CW’s just-announced pilot for an all-new super-series, get ready to possibly be seeing way, way more of Lois and Clark Kent.

Deadline reports the network is actively developing a new series — titled Superman & Lois Lane — as a present-day update to the ongoing adventures of the Daily Planet’s ace reporters, and they’ll look familiar to anyone who’s been tuning in to The CW’s Arrowverse lineup lately. Playing Superman will be Tyler Hoechlin, who’s already been donning the cape since 2016 on Supergirl, while Elizabeth Tulloch (Grimm) will play Lois — just as we’ve already glimpsed on last year’s Elseworlds crossover, as well as Supergirl, The Flash, and, most recently, Batwoman.

Clocking in at one hour per episode, the new super-series reportedly is already in development at The CW, and is being executive-produced by Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti and The Flash’s Todd Helberg, in partnership with Warner Bros. TV.  

According to the report, The CW is working up the pilot episode with an eye toward the future as part of its new, post-Arrow lineup. Arrow, long the flagship series that anchors the DC constellation of shows at The CW, will end after its eighth and final season. The project is reportedly being set up for a pilot premiere, and will not (at least at this point) be introduced via a backdoor pilot. The network is also developing a future-set spinoff following Oliver and Felicity's adult daughter and a new team of heroes, which will arrive as a backdoor pilot later this season on Arrow.

Berlanti and Helberg are working up the script for the pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Details are relatively light on how the network is approaching the storyline, but the series reportedly is set in the present day and will focus on “the world's most famous super hero and comics' most famous journalist [as they] deal with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today's society,” according to THR.

Even though we may not get a look at the new series until the end of Arrow’s eighth season, we can still watch the skies for Tulloch and Hoechlin a little early: Both are set to reprise their Lois and Clark roles in a reality-twisting storyline when Crisis on Infinite Earths arrives in December — starting with the Dec. 8 Supergirl crossover.