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'The Walking Dead' alum Michael Cudlitz to play Lex Luthor in Season 3 of 'Superman & Lois'

The actor's run-in with Lucille was just a warm-up for his date with the Man of Steel!

By Josh Weiss
Michael Cudlitz as Abraham in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1; Lex Luthor

Michael Cudlitz's run-in with Negan and Lucille was just a warm-up for a showdown with the most powerful superhero in the DC Universe. Entertainment Weekly brings word that the fan favorite Walking Dead alum has officially been cast as chrome-domed baddie Lex Luthor in The CW's upcoming third season of Superman & Lois (premiering on our screens this March). Cudlitz confirmed the news on his Instagram account Tuesday afternoon, writing: "Here we go!!" alongside a pair of punching fist emojis.

Per the character description, Luthor is known to the world as the visionary and genial billionaire of LexCorp, but it's all just a facade for his psychopathic dealings in the criminal underworld. When the Man of Steel's greatest nemesis turns up in Season 3, he's been out of the public eye for a eye, quietly plotting his revenge against Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and his wife, Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). 

"Before every season, or typically at the end of a season, we'll get a deck from DC, and it shows us the villains that we can use," showrunner and executive producer Tod Helbing explained during an interview with Looper last summer. "We put in requests for some, and sometimes we get them, sometimes we don't. DC is incredibly collaborative, so they've always been fantastic."

This will be the second iteration of the classic villain to be introduced in the last year alone after Titus Welliver made a brief appearance as Luthor in the Season 4 premiere of Titans on HBO Max before he was promptly killed off.

Superman & Lois remains the only Arrowverse series not to fall victim to the wave of cancelations that rocked The CW last year as it was prepared to be sold off to Nexstar Media Group. With The Flash kicking off its ninth and final season next month, Kal-El is set to become the only survivor of far-reaching catastrophe for the second time in his life.

The third season of Superman & Lois premieres on The CW Tuesday, March 14 at 8 p.m. EST. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns, and David Madden also serve as executive producers.

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