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Down with the bourgeoisie! Jason Isaacs voices Soviet Superman in Red Son movie trailer

By Josh Weiss
Superman Red Son

Rejoice, comrades!

The official trailer for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's animated adaptation of Superman: Red Son has crash-landed online, and it wants to share the wealth and destroy the exorbitance of capitalism! Based on the iconic Elseworlds storyline by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson, the film asks a simple question: What if baby Kal-El had ben raised in the Soviet Union instead of the good ol' U.S. of A?

Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance) voices this Communist spin on the Man of Tomorrow. Casting Isaacs was a stroke of brilliance, as the actor recently played Georgy Zhukov in Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin. Whether this is a nod to that role or just a coincidence, we can appreciate the cosmic synergy going on here.

Seize the means of production and then watch the new trailer below:

That's our kind of Cold War!

First announced at SDCC over the summer, Red Son also features the voice talents of Diedrich Bader (Lex Luthor), Amy Acker (Lois Lane), Vanessa Marshall (Wonder Woman), Roger Craig Smith (Batman), Phil Morris (Jimmy Olsen), Phil LaMarr (John Stewart), Sasha Roiz (Hal Jordan), and Paul Williams (Brainiac). William Salyers rounds out the ensemble as (who else?!) Joseph Stalin.

The film was directed by Sam Liu, helmer of 2016's feature-length adaptation of The Killing Joke.

Superman: Red Son arrives on digital and Blu-ray in 2020. No set release date has been given just yet.