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Superman Returns! Brandon Routh takes on Crisis on Infinite Earths


Earlier this month, Brandon Routh was given an unprecedented opportunity to reprise the role of a lifetime. Back in 2006, Routh starred as Clark Kent/Kal-El in Superman Returns, a film that wasn't destined to get a sequel. Years later, Routh joined the Arrowverse as Ray Palmer/the Atom and headlined DC's Legends of Tomorrow. But in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Routh was invited to portray an older version of Superman inspired by the Kingdom Come comic.

Routh recently expressed his gratitude for the chance to be Superman again. He also told SYFY WIRE that one of the most rewarding parts about his return was watching his fellow cast members react to him in costume.

"For me, it’s one experience just being [in the suit]," said Routh. "But it's also very impactful when somebody else sees you in it. Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash, is a big Superman fan. No secret there. But to have two Supermen at once, he was just kind of beside himself. It was very sweet and very heartwarming to see him geeking out about Superman."

Additionally, Routh shared his initial reservations about filming a fight scene between his Superman, and the Man of Steel portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin.

"When I knew that we were going to be fighting each other, I'm always a little bit hesitant about how that’s gonna work," explained Routh. "Because I don't think good guys should be fighting good guys. I was jealous, actually, because [Hoechlin's] cape seemed to come off much easier than mine. So I tended to keep mine on and he was getting cool. But he's more of a veteran with his suit than I was with my suit."

For more Superman and Legends of Tomorrow details from Routh, check out the entire video!