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'Supernatural Academy': Class is in session with first trailer for Peacock's new animated YA series

Supernatural Academy debuts on Peacock Thursday, Jan. 20.

By Josh Weiss
Supernatural Academy PRESS

Syllabus time! SYFY WIRE is excited to share the exclusive trailer for Peacock's new YA animated series: Supernatural Academy. Based on the books penned by Jaymin Eve, the show follows a pair of shape-shifting twin sisters — Jessa Lebron (Larissa Dias) and Mischa Jackson/Lebron (Gigi Saul Guerrero) — who find themselves reunited at the titular school after being raised in two different worlds.

Neither of them is too thrilled about the situation, but they'll need to reconcile their differences sooner rather than later because there's a lot more at stake (the world, for instance) than just petty sibling squabbles.

“It is so incredible to see my original story come to life in this high-quality animation project,” Eve said in a statement last month. "I am so grateful to both Peacock and 41 Entertainment for believing in me and I am sure that all of the fans of the books are anxiously marking January 20th on their diaries."

Vincent Tong (Maximus), Cardi Wong (Braxton), Shannon Chan-Kent (Elda Kristov), Bethan Brown (Terra), Brian Drummond (Headmaster Kristov), Barbara Kottmeier (Lienda Jackson/Lebron), Alessandro Juliani (Jonathon Lebron), Ali J Eisner (Jae), Diana Kaarina (Santra), and Kathleen Barr (Yufon) round out the remainder of the central voice cast.

Watch the trailer below:

As you can see, the whole thing's got a whimsically fun Harry Potter-esque vibe — complete with magical creatures, world ending stakes, and a roster of memorable characters. "Stick with me, sis," Jessa tells her sister. "This is only the beginning." We can hardly wait to see what comes next!

Writer Gillian Horvath (Primeval: New World) developed Supernatural Academy for television, with Steve Ball (Storm Hawks) and Jody Prouse (Max Steel: Makino's Revenge) serving as series director and animation director, respectively. Allen Bohbot (Kong: King of the Apes) occupies the role of executive producer and John Majkut (Super Monsters) composed the music for all 16 half-hour episodes.

“Based on the continued success of YA live-action series, it is clear that young adults love the genre,” Kiersten Halstead, VP of Acquisitions, Development and Production at 41 Entertainment, said when the adaptation was first announced back in 2019. “With our animation expertise, we are confident that stories about shape shifters, vampires, witchcraft and magic can best be told in high-quality CG animation.”

During a 2016 interview, Eve recalled how she loved "escaping into book worlds" as a child. "[I] probably would have struggled a lot more growing up if I didn’t have books," admitted the author. "When I was 21 I had this idea, and it wouldn’t leave me alone, so I started jotting down notes and then before I knew it I wrote a book. A bad book. Like really bad. But it was a great learning experience and it set off the chain of events which led me to becoming an author. I wrote on and off for about six years before publishing for the first time."

Supernatural Academy debuts on Peacock Thursday, Jan. 20.


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