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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki pitched Naked Gun-esque Supernatural parody that tragically never happened

By Jacob Oller
Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester

As one of TV's longest-running genre series cools down its engine and prepares to park, the stars of The CW's Supernatural finally have a bit of time to look back on their massive 15-season run. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have given fans all of their heart and soul, living (and dying, several times) for the stories of Sam and Dean Winchester. But as the final stretch of episodes looks to debut, the duo are looking back on the things they never got to do on the show.

Speaking to Variety, the pair welcomed back the series (returning after a coronavirus-driven delay) by revealing that they had once pitched an idea of their own: a parody episode looking to give the two people who know Supernatural best a chance to poke fun at its form.

“We called it Naked Supernatural," said Ackles. And no, not like that. It's because of the cop-movie parody franchise Naked Gun starring Leslie Nielsen, which took fans through the tropes they knew and loved. Fully clothed, as Padalecki would like fans to know. But yes, Ackles said, “It was like the Naked Gun version of Supernatural.

The plot, the dialogue, everything would be “tongue-in-cheek. Everything is any kind of horrible joke we could possibly fathom — it was going to be that version of Supernatural.” Sadly for fans — who already saw the boys dropped into some TV series parodies in "Changing Channels" — it just never happened. Ackles, Padalecki, and recurring actor/director Richard Speight Jr. developed the episode over a group text, but it came too late: It was already the final season, and the remaining 20 episodes all needed to push the plot to the finale.

That doesn't mean that they can't possibly return for a very special (and very silly) standalone episode, as Padalecki confirmed he'd be down to return for it: “I know they made me laugh out loud, reading it."

Supernatural returns to The CW for its final season starting on Oct. 8.