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We asked psychics how to 'cleanse' your home of the kinds of negative spirits found on SurrealEstate

By Caitlin Busch
SURREALESTATE -- "White Wedding" Episode 109

So you've found the home of your dreams. It probably wasn't via the Roman Agency of SYFY's SurrealEstate, but the house is still perfect. Only you think you're experiencing something a little out of the ordinary; maybe there are cold spots or you find kitchen cabinets open when you swore you closed them. For psychics Will Scott and Eva White — who cleanse homes and work to help spirits move on — these aren't chance occurrences.

"If I was to visit a home where there was some activity going on, you would usually feel a presence, or it would feel a little bit like a heaviness in the home," White, a psychic and spiritualist from — a digital platform that connects people with new-age healers — told SYFY. "Sometimes it can be just the land that the property is built on, depending on how old the home is. Depends on also what the experience is like."

SYFY connected with White and Scott to get their takes on what it takes to "cleanse" a home of the kinds of potentially negative energies, spirits, and more that you can find on SurrealEstate.

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For the most part, Scott works remotely due to the locations he's interacting with. After working in the space for 25 years, he's cleared "hundreds of houses all around our country, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Columbia, Brazil" and many more. Over the years, he's developed a kind of "protocol" on how to proceed depending on the entity he's encountering, whether it be malevolent or simply hanging out with nowhere else to go. If you want to handle the potential problem on your own, though — if nothing is too harmful in nature — he suggests taking on several "energetic house cleansing" rituals he's developed over the years. These include crystals (especially selenite, which is a mineral that he says absorbs negative energy), bells and chimes whose vibrations clear energy, prayers, and clearing statements.

When we asked Scott what he would suggest as a clearing statement he provided the below, written instructions, which he says is a simple process anyone can do:

Stand in the room to be cleared, ground yourself, and from your heart (not your head) declare "As the I AM presence in me, I destroy and uncreate, clear, delete, and erase all negative, detrimental, toxic, or evil energy existing in any form in this room. Now!" Repeat the process in each room. And, at the end imagine the Light of the Universe filling the space.

White's process is similar, though she tends to do her clearings in person rather than over the phone or video chat like Scott.

If someone calls White with concerns about their home, she says she'll enter the house and say a prayer, sage the space, and even sometimes place rock salt in each of the four corners of the outside of the property, "just for a protection [against] negative energy.

"Usually depending on what we feel is there, the usual would be a full sageing... white sage smudging where you go through the whole home and you just continue to say a prayer, which would be, for me, I usually just kind of wish that the entity leave the home and find peace, that they continue not to try to hurt this family, that this family has no harm," she continues. "And then there's also [sometimes] when somebody has actually passed away that you know of, or that you experienced in the home, we do what is called a frankincense burning, which you might see more like at a funeral. And it just helps as this person is trying to figure out where to go. It helps that spirit to visit and then go, so frankincense or smudging of white sage is usually the two options that I go with. Sometimes holy water, but it's very rare."

White emphasizes that the holy water aspect doesn't have anything to do with an "exorcist kind of thing" and that she rarely comes across anything evil; usually, an entity is more confused and concerned than outright evil. "There's gray area there," she says. "Usually the only time they're stubborn is when they just don't trust me or any priest or any healer that would come in. They're like, 'Another person to come and mess with me! What do you want? Leave me be, I've suffered enough!' I'm like, 'Hey, weapons down. Just trying to help you get to the better place.'"

Scott on the other hand says he's come across many negative energies and spirits during his work. As he describes it, "They can't really attack a human form, but they can create problems. They can create disturbances." Those disturbances tend to be more emotional than physical, but that he's witnessed some entities that will disturb a person's thought process and emotions so much "that the person believes they're being tortured or believes that something really nasty is going to happen to them." Not all spirits are malevolent, but many, he says, "Are not here for benevolent reasons."

Even with these experiences, Scott stresses the importance of letting go of your anxiety before participating in ritual cleansings. If you're anxious, he says, "your frequency of energy is so low and it's not the frequency that's going to be beneficial for accomplishing what you want to do. So, the first step is to get grounded and breathe easily, slowly, and come into their heart."

Anxiety, White says, often plays a large part in her work. "Half of what I do, I'm more of a life coach," she says. "People can call in and say, 'Hey, I need a home cleansing.' And I say, 'OK, what makes you feel that?' And I'll say, 'OK, so you've experienced this. What about this?' People can say, 'Well, I just feel off,' or 'I just feel like there's a lot of clutter,' or 'I just feel like I'm losing a lot of stuff lately.' I'm like, 'OK, I can come there and kind of see what I feel. Why don't you try cleaning up first, come pick up some sage, pick up a small amethyst and see how you feel.' You have to clean your room up before you sage it, it's the rules. And people will be like, 'Well, I want this. I'm like, 'OK, what makes you a candidate for that?'

"People can say, 'Oh, I want an aura cleansing, or I want a chakra balancing,'" she continues. "I don't say, 'OK, great. It'll be X amount of dollars. And you can come in and that's what we're going to do.' We start off with an initial session. And then I say, 'OK, what are the issues or the problem, let's go through it. I recommend this. And if that doesn't work, then we can go deeper.'"