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SYFY WIRE Being Human

Where the Cast of SYFY's Being Human Is Now?

Let's look at where you can find the super talented cast members 10 years later.

By Tara Bennett
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A lucky 13 years ago, SYFY debuted its original supernatural series Being Human. To this day, its premise still sounds like the windup to a memorable joke  — a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf sign a lease together — that turned out to be a really great series.

Loosely based on the BBC series of the same name, SYFY's version of Being Human was reimagined by genre showrunners Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke to center on the lives of a fixed trio of reluctant supernatural characters: Aidan the vampire, Sally the ghost, and Josh the werewolf. Over the course of four seasons, the three friends grappled with disparate life and supernatural issues that stemmed from their specific afflictions. Yet through it all, they supported one another from their shared apartment in the city.

You can catch up on all four season of Being Human right now on Peacock! Aside from being just a fun watch, Being Human also features an impressive cast of character actors, who have all continued to work on some fantastic films and television series over the past decade. Let's take a look at what they've been working on ever since the series ended in 2014. 

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Where are all the castmembers of SYFY's Being Human now?

Suren - Dichen Lachman

A split of Dichen Lachman in SYFY's Being Human and in 2023.

In Season 2, genre favorite actress Dichen Lachman swept into the series to play Suren the vampire. She's sent by the uber powerful vampire "Mother" to take over Boston as the new vamp in charge. Turns out Suren has a long history with Aidan and they end up rekindling their passionate affair.

Prior to Being Human, Lachman was most known for roles in the series Dollhouse and Torchwood. Post Suren, Lachman was cast in a series of big genre roles including Jiaying in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jesse in The Last Ship, and a small but pivotal role as Ms. Casey in Season 1 of Severance. On film, she had a huge role as the black market dinosaur dealer Soyona Santos in Jurassic World Dominion. And she's got an important role in this summer's Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

James Bishop - Mark Pellegrino

A split of Mark Pellegrino in SYFY's Being Human and in 2023.

As Aidan's sire, Bishop, actor Mark Pellegrino was a recurring character who showed up in some form in all four seasons of Being Human. His origin story in the series goes back to the 17th century when he was an Englishman turned into a vampire. He travels to the 13 colonies of America, meets Aidan, and then turns him into a vampire. 

Already a well respected character actor in television and film prior to Being Human, in the genre space, he was best known for playing Lucifer in Supernatural, Jacob in Lost, and FBI Agent Johnson in Nic Cage's action classic, National Treasure. After Being Human, he appeared in the U.S. remake series of The Returned and Revolution.

Nora Sergeant - Kristen Hager 

A split of Kristen Hager in SYFY's Being Human and in 2019

Nurse Nora Sergeant works with Aidan and Josh at Suffolk County Hospital. Played by Kristen Hager, the actress got to move her character through a dramatic four season arc on the show. Nora starts out as the naive girlfriend of Josh and then becomes forever embroiled in the supernatural world when he accidentally turns her into a werewolf too. Together, they try to navigate their curse, and the unexpected twists that ensue.

Prior to the show, Hager's biggest film role was as Jesse in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. After Being Human ended, she continued to play genre roles in the series The Expanse, Gotham, and most recently, the spy thriller, Condor.

Josh Levison - Sam Huntington

A split of Sam Huntington in SYFY's Being Human and in 2018.

As Josh, the sweet orderly who works at Suffolk County Hospital, actor Sam Huntington got to live out his werewolf dreams as the lycan with a heart of gold. He's entirely tortured by his menacing side that comes out with the full moon, and creates a lot of havoc in his relationship with Nora.

Huntington didn't do a lot of genre acting until 2006 when he was cast as iconic photographer Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns (2006). He followed that up with cult favorites like Fanboys and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Post Being Human, he's gone genre light again with occasional one-shot appearances in shows like The Expanse and iZombie.

Sally Malik - Meaghan Rath

A split of Meaghan Rath in SYFY's Being Human and in 2023.

As doomed ghost Sally, who is post life attached to the apartment that Josh and Aidan rent, actress Meaghan Rath got to play the homebody of the trio. She spends a lot of her four seasons getting messed with by other magical beings like witches and zombies. She eventually became Aidan's love interest in Season 4.

Primarily a television actress before Being Human, Rath stayed in small screen roles following the show's end. She was in the action series Banshee and played Brainiac 5 in The CW's Supergirl.

 Aidan Waite - Sam Witwer

A split of Sam Witwer in SYFY's Being Human and in 2023.

As the ancient vampire whose undead life was riddled with guilt and grief, actor Sam Witwer turned Aidan into a tragic hero who was always in the middle of some supernatural shenanigans. Whether it was dealing with the problems Bishop brought to his existence, coping with the loss of love during his 260 years of being a vampire, or just learning to come to depend on his two roommates, Aidan was a character that suffered mightily for our entertainment. 

Of anyone in the Being Human cast, Witwer was the biggest genre star of them all. Pre Aidan, he appeared in plenty of all-time genre classic series including Dark Angel, Angel, multiple Star Trek series, and played Crashdown in the seminal SYFY remake of Battlestar Galactica. During Being Human, he was also picked to voice Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It's a role the avowed Star Wars fan continues to voice to this day in various video game and animated projects. In live-action Star Wars, Witwer has played new characters in The Book of Boba Fett and Andor.

Watch all four seasons of SYFY's Being Human, the ultimate supernatural roomie series streaming now on Peacock.