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The Roman Agency Is Back & Battling a Wraith in First Look at SurrealEstate Season 2

What's the Roman Agency been up to since we last saw them? 

By Tara Bennett

It's been a long, long wait since we last saw the crew of The Roman Agency in the Season 1 finale of SurrealEstate, but their return is just around the corner. And we've got visual proof!

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SYFY has released a first sneak peek at the SurrealEstate Season 2 premiere episode, "Trust the Process." From the looks of it, the Roman Agency is operating per usual, with a pretty intimidating wraith conjuring some drama inside the walls of a property they're most likely figuring out how to purge — and then make a profit from.

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Most important, Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) is show in the mix, which begs the question of how, when we learned in "The House Always Wins" that he lost his powers. Is he a supervisor now? Has he taken on a new role in the agency? Answers are to come soon, but we can surmise in the meantime. 

Take a look at all the images below, and make sure to catch the Season 2 premiere of SurrealEstate— titled "Trust the Process" —  October 4 on SYFY.

A silhouetted man walks through a beam of light in a forest SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

After losing her powers at the end of Season 1, we can totally empathize with Luke Roman's (Tim Rozon) need for some comfort. Only those who have never hugged the Teddy bear, can cast the first stone!

Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) holds a teddy bear in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

Logically, Luke would seek out his girlfriend Megan Donovan (Tennille Read) in his time of vulnerability but are we sensing some distance between these two?

(l-r) Megan Donovan (Tennille Read) and Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) speak on a porch in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

Looks like Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy) might be having some Luke issues in the Roman Agency office too?

The cast of SurrealEstate sits at a conference table and watches Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy) stand at the head of the table in SurrealEstate 201.

Maybe she needs to remind him that with her powers of telekinesis, she's basically a fire starter?

Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy) conjures a fire in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

It's always nice to see the Roman Agency staff out in the field doing what they do best - stopping hauntings and supernatural beings and monsters in their realty blocking tracks.

(l-r) Father Phil Orley (Adam Korson), Luke Roman (Tim Rozon), August Ripley (Maurice Dean Wint), and Zooey L'Enfant (Savannah Basley) glance down in SurrealEstate 201.

We hope Phil (Adam Korson) at least blessed that axe before swinging it. 

Father Phil Orley (Adam Korson) grips a large mallet in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

Also, always a delight to see front manager Zooey L'Enfant (Savannah Basley) in the field.

Zooey L'Enfant (Savannah Basley) shines a flashlight in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

And let's hope that whatever Auggie (Maurice Dean Wint) invented here is grounded from any and all electrical surges.

August Ripley (Maurice Dean Wint) looks at a monitor wired through a window in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

Because you don't want any of your equipment shorting out when this is roaming the halls. 

A hooded wraith creeps in the dark in SurrealEstate 201.

SurrealEstate Season 2 begins October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.