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What Happened at the End of SurrealEstate Season 1?

With new SurrealEstate episodes on the horizon, it's time to freshen up on the details of the Season 1 finale, "The House Always Wins."

By Tara Bennett
SurrealEstate Season 2 Trailer

It's been two years of waiting but SurrealEstate is finally returning this fall on SYFY. As such, now is the perfect time to refresh ourselves with where we last left our paranormal property agents Luke Roman (Tim Rozon), Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy), and the rest of their crack team at The Roman Agency. The Season 1 finale, "The House Always Wins," was chock full of Roman family secrets, Donovan House revelations and major turns for important characters that will have impact on Season 2.

How to Watch

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Here are the big take aways to keep front of mind going into the new season.

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for SurrealEstate Season 1, Episode 10, "The House Always Wins."**

What's Up with the Donovan House?

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Going back to the very first episode of Surreal Estate, the Donovan House has been literally, and figuratively, haunting Luke Roman (Rozon). According to Luke, it was the empty property that his mother entered and never came out of, leaving him and his father abandoned. What we now know is that the Donovan House is a portal to the other side and when Luke and his team sealed it, all those lost souls congregated inside the house. In turn, they strengthened one particular entity who has it out for Luke. No, it's not his mom. It's Luke's stillborn twin sister, who was suffocated in the womb by his umbilical cord. 

What is Luke's dead twin's beef?

SURREALESTATE -- "The House Always Wins" Episode 110

For all of Season 1, the spirit that was beckoning Luke to the Donovan House had the face of his missing mother. That makes sense considering he's been looking for what happened to her his whole adult life, and seeing her face in the windows of the house would surely make him feel compelled to get inside. And so in the finale, when that spirit finally allows him in, it continues to take his mother's form while communicating with him. However, the twist is that it turns out to be the spirit of Luke's stillborn twin. And its angry.

On one hand, it's totally fair for the soul to be upset. It never got the chance to live and it's ready to take out its disappointment on the person to blame. On the other hand, infant Luke wasn't to blame for the tragedy. And in turn, gained his necromancy powers because he was born in the shadow of death. His powers haven't been the easiest things to live with, serving as his own personal purgatory. However, that's clearly not enough for the spirit and it wants to trade places. Killing Luke is the way for it to exist in the real world. 

Who saves Luke?

SURREALESTATE -- "The House Always Wins" Episode 110

Sarah saves the day! She and her Roman Agency cohorts enter the Donovan House via a basement prohibition tunnel to find and save August (Maurice Dean Wint). They arrive just as Luke's sibling spirit is squeezing the air from him upstairs. With no time to spare, she uses her pyrokinesis powers to blow the portal lock which immediately transforms all of the stuck souls into shades — including Luke's twin's spirit — and sucks them straight through the portal to the other side. It's a huge show of Sarah's powers and a turning point in her potential.

What's unresolved?

SURREALESTATE -- "Ft. Ghost Child" Episode 105

While inside the Donovan House, August, Sarah, Phil (Adam Korson) and Zooey (Savannah Basley) were all haunted by some very personal and ugly spirits. Will those moments crack open some unresolved issues amongst The Roman Agency family? Seems likely. 

With that show of major power, what role will Sarah have now in the agency? It better be a raise, at the very least.

And then there's Luke. When his sibling's malevolent soul was purged to the other side, so too were his powers. Perhaps it was a karmic restoration of balance, or one last punishment from his twin, but it fundamentally changes Luke. If he can't communicate with the other side anymore, what happens to not only The Roman Agency's whole niche, but to him? Like 'em or not, Luke's abilities for necromancy defined him and now he's wide open for an existential and paranormal crisis.

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