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SurrealEstate: Tim Rozon flips spooky houses for a living in hauntingly hilarious trailer for new SYFY series

By Josh Weiss
Watch the Official Trailer for SYFY's New Original Series, SurrealEstate

The haunted housing market is a-boomin' in the official trailer for SYFY's upcoming scripted series, SurrealEstate. Premiering on the network this July, the show follows Luke Roman (Wynonna Earp's Tim Rozon), proprietor of the Roman Agency, a business that knows how to sell abodes in which malevolent entities are squatting.

But be careful of what you call Roman — he's not a ghost hunter, just a simple real estate agent trying to make ends meet by solving unique supernatural occurrences. "Some agencies help their clients by putting vanilla extract on hot lightbulbs for that fresh-baked cookie smell," he explains in the trailer above. "We help them by stopping the walls from bleeding." Nothing kicks up a cloud of buyer's remorse like bleeding walls! Even with their great understanding of beings from beyond this realm of being, Luke and his co-workers still battle demons of their own. You know, the metaphorical kind.

Tim Rozon Surrealestate

Rozon's co-stars include Sarah Levy (Schitt's Creek), Adam Korson (Teachers), Maurice Dean Wint (Diggstown), Savannah Basley (Wynonna Earp), and Tennille Read (Workin' Moms). Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna Earp), who is set to guest star in one of the 10 episodes, directed two installments in the season.

"When I landed in Newfoundland and we put on the clothes and I saw him in his wardrobe, no mustache, I was like, "Oh wow, we're going to play together in such a different way," the actress/director exclusively told SYFY WIRE earlier this year when asked about reuniting with fellow Wynonna Earp alum Rozon on a totally different show. "And it was so fun! It felt like a completely new, fresh show and a new, fresh relationship."

George R. Olson created the show and serves as showrunner/executive producer. Lance Samuels (The Indian Detective), Daniel Iron (Ginny & Georgia), Armand Leo (The Detail), and Danishka Esterhazy (The Banana Splits Movie) also serve as executive producers. Esterhazy, Paul Fox (Schitt's Creek), and Paolo Barzman (Wynonna Earp) directed the remaining episodes.

Co-produced by Blue Ice Pictures, SurrealEstate will begin to haunt SYFY starting Friday, July 16, at 10 p.m. EST.