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SYFY WIRE SurrealEstate

Welcome Home: Get to know the spooky backstory of SYFY's new show SurrealEstate

By Caitlin Busch
Welcome Home: Get to Know the Spooky Story of SYFY's SurrealEstate

Before SurrealEstate premieres on SYFY on July 16 and makes you wonder just what might be lurking in that basement of yours, we wanted to give you a taste of what to expect. What’s up with the Roman Agency, and what are a bunch of real estate agents doing in the ghost hunting business?

SurrealEstate is about a real estate group, the Roman Agency, that specializes in haunted houses — buying and selling haunted houses,” actor Adam Korson, who plays Father Phil Orley, explains in the above video.

“This is in essence not a handful of ghost chasers but rather a team of rare individuals qualified in their specific field working together, collaborating, problem-solving with the end goal of selling a house. End of story. The ghosts are just a bonus,” Maurice Dean Wint (August Ripley, the team’s resident tech genius and philosopher) says.

Alongside Wint (Diggstown) and Korson (Teachers), SurrealEstate stars Tim Rozon (Wynonna Earp, Schitt’s Creek), Sarah Levy (Schitt’s Creek), Savannah Basley (Wynonna Earp), and Tennille Read (Workin' Moms) as our team of heroic agents looking to change the world one house at a time. As Basley explains, the Roman Agency acts as a kind of last resort for people trying to sell (or buy) a haunted house. They don’t just sell your house — they figure out what’s up with the creaks, cold spots, and mysterious late-night screaming to solve all your supernatural problems.

“The thing that separates SurrealEstate from other shows is the balance between the humor and the scary,” Rozon says. “Because if not it could just be a straight-up thriller. We’re dealing with some pretty scary stuff and some real issues.” But, as he points out, things get a bit more manageable in the scare department when there’s that one dude who’s down to crack a joke and release the tension. It just so happens that the Roman Agency is filled with people who are down to treat every bump in the night like it’s worthy of a joke. 

That’s not to say things don’t get serious. As the cast points out throughout the video, there are plenty of monsters — physical monsters and internal struggles alike — to contend with. To find out just how many monsters, ghosts, and ghouls the gang has to evict from their properties, check out SurrealEstate when it premieres on SYFY on July 16 at 10 p.m. ET.