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SYFY WIRE Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing showrunner reassures fans after episode cut, teases James Wan influence

By Jacob Oller
Swamp Thing DC Universe

Fans were understandably concerned when DC Universe’s first foray into horror was unexpectedly cut short. Filming for the streaming service’s new Swamp Thing show was underway when word from on high came down that everyone was to wrap things up. The 13-episode season was suddenly cut to 10. But according to the people in charge (and the glowing early reviews), everything ended up okay.

Speaking with Slashfilm, co-showrunner Mark Verheiden addressed the rocky production’s outcome while teasing a few surprises from producer James Wan that fans can expect over the first season.

After confirming simple things like whether or not Swamp Thing can speak in the series (he can), Verheiden was asked about losing three episodes. “You’ll see a lot of what we planned,” said Verheiden, who co-created the series with Conjuring universe mainstay Gary Dauberman.

“Some of it would have been surprises regardless. It is an origin story. It is about the character Swamp Thing coming to terms with himself and it’s a love story about Abby figuring out how they can fit together in that world. So look forward to seeing that relationship bloom, change and be tested and challenged, all sorts of stuff like that in Season 1.”

When asked if the end of Episode 10 gets to where they’d wanted to get to by the end of Episode 13, Verheiden replied, “Yes, I think so.” And there’s plenty for fans to get to. Not only is Alec Holland going to become the Swamp Thing, but that hero’s design is coming from one of the biggest names in horror: James Wan.

“James was very, very involved in designing Swamp Thing,” Verheiden said. “Definitely intimately involved with defining the Swamp Thing suit. We went with a place called FracturedFX which is run by Justin Raleigh who’s done practical effects for James’ other films. They knocked it out of the park. They just created an amazing suit for Derek to wear. We all worked on it but James’ vision of it was what we started with.”

The suit has looked incredible so far in the trailers and two episode that went to press, but the co-showrunner also teased a few more creatures coming from the horror mastermind. “There are some others that I won’t get into that are in Season 1 as well,” Verheiden said of potential creature designs from Wan. Since fans get to meet Jason Woodrue (AKA Floronic Man) in the show’s second episode, it’s a good guess that Swamp Thing may have a supervillain or two by the time the first season runs its course.

Swamp Thing is out on DC Universe today.