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SYFY & USA's official Chucky playlist is the perfect soundtrack for your villain origin story

This is how villains are made.

By John Albinson
Chucky 102 Still

So we guess you jerks like music too, huh? Well, you're all in luck! We've created an official Spotify playlist for all of the songs you'll hear on SYFY & USA Network's new original series, Chucky. And because we care so much about our viewers' music-listening habits (almost as much about their love for a knife-wielding doll), we're going to update it every week after each new episode airs on Tues. nights at 10/9c. Pretty killer, right?

How to Watch

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While people have been excited to see Charles Lee Ray's transition to TV, an almost equally exciting development has been the fans' overwhelmingly positive reaction to the show's soundtrack.

Similar to the show's mix of horror, humor, and drama, its soundtrack is just as eclectic. The first episode opens with Billie Eilish's eerie tune "COPYCAT" before playing the creepy, slow burn that is Madalen Duke's "How Villains Are Made" (which could also be the plot of the premiere episode). 

But the soundtrack is not confined to just one genre. We also get the pop-happy "Blue Bird" by Vow, as well as a major doo-wop throwback in The Kac-Ties' "Mr. Were-Wolf." And Resident Aliens' "Bandit" — which sounds like the type of song Chucky and Tiffany might party to — also makes its way onto the playlist.

The third episode of Chucky, appropriately titled “I Like to Be Hugged,” added some more killer tunes that sound like (creepy) music to our ears! The highlight of this week’s installment has to be Blue Öyster Cult’s 1976 classic, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” Hauntingly sung by Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) to her younger sister as she cuddles up next to Chucky in bed, the track acts as a forewarning for all of the violence our stabby little friend inflicts in this episode.

But that’s not all! The kids hold a "silent disco" (because why not?) toward the end of the episode where we hear songs such as “Trifecta (We Came To Party)” and “Lifetime (Planningtorock ‘Let It Happen’ Remix).” Now, these are tunes that most people would consider "dance songs," but Chucky considers "murder songs" — guess it’s just a matter of opinion!

We also hear Big Big Trouble’s “Amazon,” Black Devil Disco Club’s “ “H” Friend,” and SeamlessR’s “Momentum,” because if we’re going to show you the sinister exploits of a talking children’s doll, the least we can do is play some good music in the background, right?

We'll update this playlist every week, so be sure to come back for a fresh batch of killer tunes. And if you really want to be Chucky's friend ‘till the end, you can "heart" the playlist so it's automatically added to your personal Spotify library. Now that's to die for!

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