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Recap: Chucky Episode 2 takes 'Trick or Treat' to a whole new, unhinged level for Halloween

By Caitlin Busch

It's Halloween in Episode 2 of SYFY & USA's Chucky, "Give Me Something Good to Eat," which means everyone's friend 'til the end is wreaking havoc All Hallows Eve style in this town that just can't seem to catch a break.

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Luckily for the residents of Hackensack, New Jersey, Devon Evans' (Bjorgvin Arnarson) podcast has the lowdown on its dark history. Mentions of candy store break-ins and self-inflicted pumpkin-carving injuries aside, this year's Halloween falls on a full moon.

Not to mention Chucky's back in town.

**This recap contains spoilers for Chucky Season 1, Episode 2, "Give Me Something Good to Eat."**

First, though, we get a small glimpse into Junior Wheeler's (Teo Briones) hang-ups. His dad Logan (Devon Sawa) puts "It's not my dream, Dad, it's yours" levels of pressure on his teenage son to perform in sports and relive his own glory days. Just as Logan's criticizing Junior, he and Bree (Lexa Doig) are doing their best to make Jake (Zackary Arthur) comfortable in their home, giving him time to recover and providing him with money for school lunch, but Jake is (understandably) resistant.

Popular kid Oliver (Avery Esteves) invites Jake to his Halloween party — an invite Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) can't believe is being extended to his "Walmart ass" as she makes a crude joke about Luke Wheeler's (also Devon Sawa) death. When Junior asks what her Halloween costume is for that evening, she teases that it's a surprise.

Devon approaches Jake in the hall before class and Jake, visibly flustered, accepts Devon's condolences as they talk about their shared experience of losing a father and Devon's hope that Jake will come to the Halloween party with Chucky.

Speaking of that little devil: Chucky's been left at home with the Wheelers' housekeeper, Annie, who's going about her usual business for the day when Chucky strikes, marking his second (or third if you count poor Binx the cat) victim of the series. He pushes her into a dishwasher filled with knives, the blades sticking straight up (which just seems like a bad idea to begin with if we're being honest). Upon returning home from school, Jake and Junior discover her body as they're arguing about Jake making himself too comfortable in Junior's home.

Chucky 102 Still

They call the police, and Logan and Bree reveal just how little they knew Annie while insisting she was "part of the family," building on their legacy of clueless (however well-intentioned) suburban bliss. Detective Evans (Rachelle Casseus) is reticent to let her partner presume someone pushed Annie, even with her death being the second "freak accident" of the week. No one else was in the house at the time of death, as shown by the front door camera. That doesn't stop the detectives from asking if Jake, or Junior, had any issues with Annie, though…

This is, of course, when Jake finally gets a chance to go up to his room and demand to know why Chucky killed Annie. He denies it, and Jake is luckily savvy enough to know when a doll is lying to him, especially when said doll is currently digging through his journal. Chucky ribs Jake for writing so much about Devon, but softens a bit when it's clear he's upset him. Chucky lets Jake know he has a kid of his own who's queer. Child's Play fans will recognize the reference to Chucky and Tiffany's genderfluid child Glen/Glenda from Seed of Chucky (2004). When Jake is taken aback by Chucky being "cool" with his kid identifying as queer, Chucky hits him with "I'm not a monster, Jake."

Jake knows better, though. Chucky killed Annie, even if he keeps denying it, saying that people like him and Jake only kill people "who have it coming." The gaslighting continues until Chucky reveals his current end goal: killing people who deserve to die.

Chucky 102 Still

The first person on his list? Lexy, as we discover when Junior pulls up Jake's browser history and finds someone (read: Chucky) has been looking into her.

On that note, we get some more insight into Lexy in this episode. Her mother, Mayor Michelle Cross (Barbara Alyn Woods), and father (Michael Therriault) clearly have more interest in Lexy's little sister Caroline (Carina Battrick), who's developed an obsession with Chucky after witnessing last episode's talent show.

And Devon, after a conversation with his mom in which she asks him about Jake, seems more interested in having Jake around than ever before. He texts Jake to see if he's coming to the Halloween party, and Jake at first tries to shrug the invitation off after a physical altercation with Chucky, clearly fearing that if he goes to the party, the doll will tag along to take down Lexy.

Chucky, however, takes it upon himself to track Jake's bully down. Jake, frantic, ends up attending the party anyway because Chucky — wearing a Hello Kitty mask — has strutted along the streets of Hackensack and threatened a neighbor lady to find out where the party is going down. To "thank" her, Chucky gives her a razor blade-laced apple, much like he ate when he was a kid.

Arriving at the party, Jake and Devon get locked in a closet together for a game of "Seven Minutes in Hell," and while they don't kiss, they are given an opportunity to talk some more and connect.

Chucky 102 Still

As this is all going on, Little Caroline finally gets to hang out with Chucky, and as the two are playing a violent video game, Chucky regales the kid with the wonders of killing people, including her sister, in real life. When he asks where Lexy is, she tells him she's somewhere kissing Junior, and when Chucky finds the pair, he crawls under the bed, butcher knife in hand, and attempts to stab them to no avail.

This gives Lexy — not dead — the opportunity to unveil her costume for all to see. Much to Jake's horror, Lexy has decided to dress up as his father being electrocuted to death. Their classmates stand around her and cheer, and Jake storms out, followed by Devon, who's quick to (accurately) note how "f*cked up" it is that she's done this.

Chucky 102 Still

Raging, Jake comes this close to letting Chucky sneak up on Lexy and kill her, but saves her at the last minute and takes Chucky home. The two have another bedside chat that night, with Chucky promising not to hit Jake again (Jake's heard that one before) and reiterating that some people just deserve to die, calling the world "a Super Bowl of slaughter."

He offers Jake his trusty knife, telling Jake he needs to "man the f*ck up" and kill Lexy before she humiliates him again. Slowly, Jake takes the knife from Chucky's hand, and, in that instance, seems to choose his path.

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