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Behind the Panel: DC's Dark Nights: Metal


This article features products from our brand partner, Graphitti Designs. SYFY shall receive a revenue share from purchases made within this article. Price and availability are accurate at the time of publishing.

You cannot destroy the Metal ... Metal will live on. 

And there's nothing more Metal than multiverses, baby! 

Sure, you know what they say: "mo universes, mo problems," but when all those alternate realms bring us a Superman who looks like Glenn Danzig, a laser chainsaw-wielding Wonder Woman, and a bunch of bad-to-the-bone Batmen — well, it's hard to stay in just one reality, you know? 

Go big and show off your love of all things Metal and the work of supergroup Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo with your very own Dark Nights: Death Metal baseball shirt and Dark Nights: Metal tour T-shirt, courtesy of Graphitti Designs. Guaranteed to have instant sentimental value upon delivery.

Dark Nights: Death Metal baseball shirt

Sold by Graphitti Designs
It's got Wonder Woman with a chainsaw, how could you not want this? Black body, red sleeves, raglan-cut baseball-style shirt. 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon ... and 100% metal. (Not actual metal ... you know what we mean.)

Dark Nights: Metal Tour T-Shirt

Sold by Graphitti Designs
Batman's looking bat-ass in this black, 100% cotton, 300% METAL tee.