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Superhero Symbology: Superman

This article features products from our brand partner, Graphitti Designs. SYFY shall receive a revenue share from purchases made within this article. Price and availability are accurate at the time of publishing.

It's the most recognizable symbol in the world, according to Man of Steel director Zack Snyder. And it can be yours to proudly display while on your own adventures on Earth and beyond. 

What started off as a mix of a diamond and a police badge turned into something more resembling a shield as the Last Son of Krypton protects us from those who would seek to destroy truth, justice, and the American way. There have been many variations of Superman's 'S,' from the classic design of your old Underoos (c'mon, you know you had them) to the ominous hammer-and-sickle of Red Son

Choose your Superman symbol wisely below, courtesy of Graphitti Designs. If you end up choosing them all, see if you can take them all off one by one with the same kind of super-speed utilized by our own Matt Romano in the video above. 

Here's to another 82 years of saving the world ... and wearing Superman T-shirts!


Sold by Graphitti Designs
The truth (justice, and the American Way) is you'd look great in this. Color imprint on a deep royal, 100% cotton tee.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
Your mom's name doesn't have to be Martha to qualify for this shirt inspired by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Color imprint on a navy blue, 100% cotton tee.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
That's right, once upon a time, Superman died! It was a whole thing. He got better but it was a long road getting there. Remember the Man of Tomorrow with this color imprint on a black, 100% cotton tee.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
What would happen if Superman had crash-landed in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas? Well, for starters, he'd wear something like this, comrade. Color imprint on a smoke grey, 100% cotton tee.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
A classic. Color imprint on a denim blue, 100% cotton tee.



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