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SYFY WIRE What We Do in the Shadows

Mark Hamill to pop in on Season 2 of What We Do in the Shadows, plus more bloody TCA bites

By Tara Bennett & Brian Silliman
What We Do in the Shadows

The hit FX comedy What We Do in the Shadows is ready to unleash another hilariously over-the-top season of supernatural mayhem on FX, and naturally some of the stars and creators came to the 2020 TCAs to promote the new season. What can fans look forward to, aside from Matt Berry hopefully saying "BAT" three times every episode? SYFY WIRE was there to get the bloody scoop on all of the vampiric action. 

For one thing, Mark Hamill (Star Wars) is set to make a guest appearance on the series. Executive Producer and series creator Jemaine Clement was present with his cast, when a reporter asked about the rumor. Clement seemed shocked that they knew about it, and he then refused to talk about it further. But Variety has since confirmed that Hamill will appear, so this show's legacy of incredible guest stars will definitely continue to be one with the Force. 

Stefani Robinson (Atlanta) will now act as co-showrunner with Clement, after writing two episodes for the show's first season. Taika Waititi — who wrote, directed, and starred in the original 2014 film and helmed three episodes of Season 1 —will unfortunately not return to direct any episodes due to his busy schedule.

It was also confirmed that another fan favorite will also not be returning: Beanie Feldstein (Booksmart), who played student-turned-vampire Jenna in the first season, will sadly not be back. It is also because of a very busy schedule, but it is definitely a let-down for Clement, who let it drop that they had planned for Jenna to be a big character moving forward. 

Series stars Matt Berry (Laszlo), Natasia Demetriou (Nadia), Harvey Guillen (Guillermo), and Mark Proksch (Colin) were also on hand to give the crowd a taste of what we can expect from them in the new season. 

"I have to leave the house and change my name because I’ve done something despicable, so that’s a lot of fun," Berry said. "There’s Elvis ... he pops up. He was made into a vampire in ‘77 and he’s in the basement."

Seems about right. Clement noted that some of the other characters are in more "standalone episodes" and that "some stories are over the whole season, and others are like a normal sitcom." 

According to Demetriou, "There are lots and lots of versions of Nadja. She and Laszlo are in a very good place."

"We have a music group where we’ve performed over the hundreds of years," said Berry.

Proksch then added that he drains more energy, and Clement commented that, "you see how powerful Colin can be." 

As for Guillermo? Now that he's learned that he comes from a lineage made of vampire hunters, he's in for a struggle. "He’s in a really cool crossroads," said Guillen. "Just because you have a dream for something, but the universe throws a curveball and says, 'Maybe not.' The whole season we’ll see him fight with being loyal to his master ... he considers the vampires family."

How does one end such a delightfully bloody (and silly) panel? With Clement confirming that the new season will have "ghosts, witches, and zombies." We cannot wait. 

What We Do in the Shadows will return on Wednesday, Apr. 15 at 10 p.m. on FX. BAT!