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What if 'Ted Lasso' was a horror movie? Fan trailer reimagines Apple's comedy hit as a terror thrill ride

By Josh Weiss
Ted Lasso Still

London-based video editor Francis Siberini had weekend plans when he suddenly came down with the flu. Now stuck at home with hours of free time on his hands, he began to imagine what Ted Lasso would look like if the Emmy Award-winning sports comedy from Apple TV+ was a horror movie.

"I chose Ted Lasso because it’s seemingly Ted Lasso fever at the moment," Siberini tells SYFY WIRE. "I really love the show and just randomly had the thought to try and recut the show so it looked like a classic horror film. I thought that would be really funny as the show is often regarded as overwhelmingly positive."

The resulting fan-made trailer puts the central focus on the character of Nathan Shelley (played by Nick Mohammed), the newly-promoted assistant coach with plenty of issues he's been dealing with throughout Season 2. He does have a bit of a mean streak, but this takes it to another level (then a few more for good measure).

"I knew it was gonna be Nate as the villain figure due to his awkward energy, which I knew could be manipulated into something much more sinister," Siberini explains. "So, I ended up trawling through every episode of Season 2, looking for quotes and shots that I could take out of context and manipulate with editing magic ... I tried to create this feeing of an ominous looming by adding a slow zoom to various shots. I think it really helps create the spooky feeling — like someone is watching."

Check it out below:

Siberini sent the trailer to a few Ted Lasso fan accounts on Twitter before turning in for the night. The last thing he expected was to wake up Monday morning and see that the video had amassed thousands of views on social media. In addition, it has been shared by cast members (like Mohammed and Brett Goldstein) and liked by Mr. Lasso himself, Jason Sudeikis.

"Everyone has just been so pleasant. The Ted Lasso community is really a wonderful corner of the internet," the editor concludes. "All day, it’s just been gaining more and more steam. Even Apple TV tweeted it. I’m mostly over my flu now, but I’m so thrilled with how this whole thing has gone down. Mainly because I turned a negative (being ill) into a positive (making something) And luckily for me, everyone really liked it!"

The Season 2 finale of Ted Lasso ("Inverting the Pyramid of Success") premieres on Apple TV+ this coming Friday — Oct. 8.