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Thunder buddies for life! Seth MacFarlane bringing 'Ted' comedy series to Peacock with series order

By Josh Weiss
Ted 2

Everyone's favorite potty-mouthed teddy bear is coming to the world of television. Peacock confirmed Thursday that it's placed a straight-to-series order for a small screen take inspired by Seth MacFarlane's two Ted movies. MacFarlane will executive-produce under his Fuzzy Door banner and is currently in talks to reprise the voice of the cuddly bear who speaks with a thick Boston accent.

No plot details have been released yet, but we do know that Erica Huggins will executive-produce the show alongside MacFarlane. Ted is actually the second Fuzzy Door series ordered by Peacock — the first was The End is Nye (hosted by the iconic science guy himself, Bill Nye).

Released in 2012, the first Ted movie became the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy in history (meaning it was not a sequel or based on an existing property). A sequel, Ted 2, premiered in the summer of 2015 and together, both movies have made over $750 million at the global box office.

Mark Wahlberg appeared in both films as John Bennett, a Boston man who is best friends with a childhood teddy bear that gained sentience in the 1980s. Similar to MacFarlane's other projects (mainly Family Guy and American Dad), the Ted universe is known for an irreverent style of humor that constantly calls attention to its outlandish premise.

"It’s all based on appetite," MacFarlane told Collider in 2015 when asked about a potential third installment. "If Ted 2 does as well as the first one, it means people want to see more of these characters. If that happens, then there would likely be a Ted 3. The franchise, to me, is one that’s more character-based than premise-based. If you look at it like episodes in television, if you have characters that people like and they want to see them, again and again, you can tell any number of different stories. If there’s a desire for it, then yeah, we would do a Ted 3."