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Teen Titans Go! cast on their favorite episodes


During San Diego Comic-Con, fans got to see the world premiere of the Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans animated movie, as the cast from both shows pulled double duty. SYFY WIRE was also able to catch up with a few of the cast, including Scott Menville (Robin), Tara Strong (Raven), Khary Payton (Cyborg), and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), as well as director/producer Peter Rida Michail. During our chat, Menville was able to provide some insight about how his two incarnations of Robin differ from each other.

"At the core of all these characters are the same traits and the same essence," explained Menville. "It's just for me, the original Robin is much more cool and Teen Titans Go! Robin thinks he's cool."

"What’s fun for me is watching ... their stance at the mic," added Michail, before demonstrating Menville's more serious stance and his Teen Titans Go! stance.

Teen Titans Go! has had an incredible run on TV, with over 250 episodes. Naturally, the cast has a few favorites from their current show, and they weren't shy about sharing them.

"Anything containing 'The Night Begins to Shine' is my absolute favorite," said Payton. "My daughters love it. Every time I get in the car, they want to roll down the windows, drive fast and play 'The Night Begins to Shine.' You know, just kind of go to that crazy '80s rock opera. Just the whole backstory about how that whole thing happened. It was just a little snippet of a song that Pete found in Warner Bros.' archives, and the next thing you know ... we've done 10 to 12 episodes.”

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