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'Teen Titans Go!' getting crossover movie with 'DC Super Hero Girls,' first details on Season 8

Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! returns for an eighth season and gets a Memorial Day weekend crossover to boot.

By Tara Bennett
Teen Titans Go PRESS

We've had almost 10 years of Teen Titans Go!, and the series isn't going anywhere. At today's Cartoon Network Television Critics Association virtual press tour for the network, current series executive producer Pete Michail announced that Teen Titans Go! was ordered for Season 8 and that a brand-new crossover movie is coming this Memorial Day with the Teen Titans and DC
Super Hero Girls in Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse.

Michail told reporters that starting in Season 7 of the series, the goal has been to explore the characters in a deeper way, such as the Aquaman episode with Patrick Warburton voicing the aquatic king who has been the butt of a lot of jokes on Teen Titans Go! That mandate will continue in Year 8.

"Aquaman has been part of the series since Season 1 but we never gave him any lines," Michail laughed. "But we wanted in Season 7 to expand our universe and start exploring the characters. Patrick Warburton just killed it voicing him. He came in and had a take on it and it was really fun. And watching him play opposite JB Smoove as Black Manta was something to see."

Along with the King of the Seven Seas, Season 8 of the series promises the introduction of Beard Hunter and King Shark, plus a few "surprise celebrity guests" that will be folded into the stories, when new season premieres later in 2022. The 400th episode of the Teen Titans franchise will also be achieved in this new season, but no specifics were given about how they might celebrate.

You can check out the trailer for Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse below:

With this being the fourth original Teen Titans Go! movie, supervising producer James Tucker said they are allowed by DC Comics and WB Animation to run with their imaginations and not have to worry about what is happening on the theatrical side. "DC lays back because they're used to the idea of different iterations of these characters," he explained. "They are very cooperative about doing our own thing as long as we stay true to the characters and kind of touch on the comics." 

In the upcoming crossover film, Lex Luthor will play the Big Bad of the story as he unites the world’s super-villains to capture all of Earth's superheroes. The only heroes left standing will be the DC Super Hero Girls, who alone have to stop the Legion of Doom. The gals will have to do some cross dimensional jumping which accidentally leads them to Titans Tower where they'll find their allies in the Teen Titans.

The movie will first be available from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital starting May 24, 2022. The Cartoon Network will then premiere it on Saturday, May 28 with HBO Max streaming it as of June 28.