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SYFY WIRE Thor: Ragnarok

That Thor: Ragnarok mid-credits scene? Marvel's Kevin Feige explains what you saw

By Matthew Jackson

It's still very surprising how many people leave Marvel Studios films before the end of the credits, because these films almost always feature an extra scene or two (or three), either to pay off a joke made earlier or to tease something Marvel's got in store for us next.

Thor: Ragnarok — in theaters today — features both of those things, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has revealed exactly what one such scene really meant.


Seriously, do not scroll down further unless you want the film spoiled for you.




Still here? OK, let's do this.

By the end of Ragnarok, Asgard has gone through its titular event thanks to the demon Surtur, who put an end to Hela (as far as we know, anyway) and destroyed the realm right down to its foundations. That left the remaining Asgardians — led by Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and Heimdall — aboard a ship bound for Earth, where they would presumably set up some kind of new city (Asgardia?) for themselves. This is interrupted when another, even larger ship looms ahead and meets them in space, shocking Thor and Loki and leaving viewers stunned during the film's mid-credits scene. 

The scene itself doesn't provide any context for what the ship is or what its occupants want, but Feige provided this teaser to The Wrap.

“We call it the Sanctuary II,” Feige said.

"The Sanctuary," for those unfamiliar, is basically where the Mad Titan Thanos makes his home. Remember that asteroid-filled space palace from The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, where Thanos sits on a rocket-powered throne? That's The Sanctuary. Sanctuary II, therefore, means the Mad Titan has a new home, a mobile one that he's likely using in pursuit of the Infinity Stones. It's not yet clear how this confrontation will progress, or where it falls in the timeline in the buildup to Infinity War, but the confirmation that this is indeed Thanos staring down the God of Thunder is definitely intriguing. 

Oh, and if you're looking for more easter eggs, it turns out director Taika Waititi snuck in a little reference to Green Lantern (a film he appears in) for good measure. Remember when Skurge (Karl Urban) is showing off all of his "stuff," and he happens to pick up a Shake Weight he found on Earth? That's, apparently, the same Shake Weight Waititi bought on impulse while filming Green Lantern, as he explained to Fandango.

“So I was in New Orleans and I was in Green Lantern, but I was barely doing anything,” Waititi said. “I’d be in my hotel room and it’d be like 1 a.m., and the infomercial for the Shake Weight came on. I was like, 'Screw it! I guess I’m buying everything I see on TV tonight — I’m gonna buy knives and some sewing thing.' I bought exercise DVDs, too, but the one thing I bought that I kept was that Shake Weight … and then I had it shipped to Australia and I put it in the movie!”

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4, 2018.