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SYFY WIRE The Addams Family

The first trailer for animated Addams Family film rises from its coffin to rib Pennywise

By Josh Weiss
The Addams Family

Snap! Snap! The first trailer for MGM's new animated take on The Addams Family is finally here, and it looks like a creepy good time with everyone's favorite ghouls.

Based on the original comics by Charles Addams and the '60s-era ABC series, the movie centers on a strange family obsessed with the macabre. In essence, every day is Halloween for this family, which has a Frankenstein's monster-inspired butler named Lurch; a cousin simply named "It" because they don't know what he is underneath all of his hair; and a disembodied hand, named Thing, who helps out with odd jobs around the house.

Check out the first teaser below and see if you can catch a fun little nod to Stephen King's It ...

In this modern retelling, the family, preparing to host a family reunion, faces off against reality TV host Margaux Needler (Allison Janney) and her daughter, Parker Needler (Elsie Fisher).

Co-directed by Greg Tiernan (Sausage Party) and Conrad Vernon (Shrek 2), the project boasts one impressive cast of celebrity voices: Oscar Isaac (Gomez), Charlize Theron (Morticia), Chloë Grace Moretz (Wednesday), Finn Wolfhard (Pugsley), Nick Kroll (Uncle Fester), and Bette Midler (Grandma).

Matt Lieberman (The Christmas Chronicles) penned the screenplay.

Here's the first poster:

The Addams Family poster

This is the first cinematic Addams Family project since 1998's Addams Family Reunion, which starred Tim Curry and Darryl Hannah as Gomez and Morticia, respectively. However, that movie was a Saban production, unrelated to Barry Sonnenfeld's two features, meant to lead to a TV series that never happened.

The Addams Family will begin to creep out folks with their intensely dark and gruesome fixations when the film lurches (see what we did there?) into theaters everywhere Oct. 11. Just in time for the Halloween season!