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The Boy II's Christopher Convery recalls his first meeting with Brahms

Brahms: The Boy II

In 2016, The Boy introduced moviegoers to Brahms, the latest cursed doll to make an impression on the big screen. Now, the killer doll is back in Brahms: The Boy II with a fresh victim: a young boy named Jude. Christopher Convery portrays Jude in the sequel, and he had perhaps the most difficult job of all the actors because he had to share most of his scenes with Brahms. Even armed with the knowledge that Brahms isn't real, Convery still had an uneasy first encounter with the demonic doll.

"When I first met Brahms, he was so creepy," recalled Convery. "He had silicone skin, and in the first movie, he was made out of porcelain skin. It's kind of like he got an upgrade. And then his eyes were so glassy and lifelike. It was so creepy."

Convery not only admitted that Brahms scared him, he shared a particularly chilling memory from the set.

"There was actually a moment where he completely terrified me," confessed Convery. "We had just finished filming a scene and I put Brahms to the side. I was just on standby because someone else was filming a scene and the lights went out. All of a sudden, nothing's happening. I feel this weird thing slowly touch my neck and the lights come back on. No one's there. Brahms did not move. He was right there. So I am now officially terrified of dolls because of Brahms."

Convery went on to answer a few of our other questions before picking a winner in a cursed doll battle royal between Brahms, Chucky, and Annabelle. Check out the Instagram videos below!