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Shaq shows up at 'The Boys' NYCC panel, as stars tease fans might 'need therapy' after S2 finale

By Josh Weiss
The Boys Season 2

While answering fan questions at this year's New York Comic Con, The Boys cast got a surprise visit from none other than Shaquille O'Neal, who wanted to know about the biggest prankster on set. The former NBA player implored showrunner Eric Kripe to make him a part of The Seven, while using a number of phone filters that gave him "superpowers."

"Laz [Alonso, who plays Mother's Milk] is the sly prankster," answered Karl Urban ("Billy Butcher"). "Laz is the one who sets it all up and then quietly walks away and watches the damage."

Despite his penchant for on-set gags, Alonso offered up a sobering take on how his character, whose father literally killed himself trying to bring down Vought, is helpful in sparking a conversation about the Black experience in America. The actor pointed to the profound moment in Episode 4, where M.M. creates an instant connection with Valerie Hunter (Dawnn Lewis) over their disdain for Vought. She eventually reveals to him, Hughie (Jack Quaid), and Annie (Erin Moriarty) that Liberty and Stormfront (played by Aya Cash) are the same person. When Valerie was a young girl, her brother was murdered in cold blood by Liberty in a racially-charged encounter.

"This conversation that, at one time, used to only be among Black people, [is] now including all people," Alonso said. "People are wondering how they can all participate in being allies and in being helpful and in tearing down a system that, for many years, has treated one group of people as 'Other.' The only way to fix it is if we're all involved."

Watch the full panel below:

Later on, Kripke revealed that the infamous "bite" moment we heard about during our visit to the set last year ended up being cut from Episode 6. As it so happens, Frenchie (played by Tomer Capon) was supposed to bite the "love sausage" that nearly strangles Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) to death at Sage Grove. Kripke went on to tease that it may not be the last time M.M. is attacked by a malevolent, super-powered phallus in the show. The writers are working on it as we speak.

Oh, and before we forget, Antony Starr also showed up for a hot minute to gargle some milk in order to remind us how messed up Homelander is. Since the crazed Man of Steel has a thing for breast milk, someone asked how Homelander would react to learning that the Boys count a dude named "Mother's Milk" among their ranks. Proving that he's very much in tune with his psychotic alter ego, Starr posited that if Homelander ever got his hands on M.M. (whom he described as "a surrogate girlfriend or wife to Butcher"), he'd most likely torture him "to inflict some kind of emotional pain and psychological damage" on Butcher.

Season 2 of The Boys wraps up tomorrow on Prime Video with Episode 8: "What I Know." Finally, we'll learn who's been exploding noggins all over the place. Aisha Tyler (hosted of the official Amazon aftershow) closed out the NYCC panel with a question about how fans should prepare for the momentous conclusion.

"I think you're gonna need emotional support while you're watching the episode," said Moriarty. "I think you should grab your bestie or your partner and have emotional support to hold onto someone when it finishes because you're gonna have all the feels and the PTSD. You might need therapy, but just let it wash over you."

"Use the bathroom before you sit down to watch the [finale], just so you don't piss or sh** on yourself. I think that's important," added Jessie T. Usher ("A-Train").

Quaid, on ther other hand, suggested that we all listen to as much Billy Joel as we can.

A third season has already been green-lit and will feature Jensen Ackles (who previously worked with Kripke on Supernatural) as Soldier Boy. "We're in the writers' room cooking through Season 3, so we'll get that you as soon as we can, COVID willing," finished the showrunner.

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