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Wanna chug some Compound V like in 'The Boys'? Now you can, just as Vought wants you to

G Fuel Energy now offers a Compound V version of their drink, which sadly doesn't guarantee superpowers.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) and Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell) in The Boys Season 3

If you’re a fan of The Boys, then you’re well-familiar with Compound V — the bright blue formula that turns regular ol' humans into powerful superheroes; superheroes who often have dubious morals at best. 

If becoming suped up has been a dream of yours, there’s now a version of Compound V in the real world that doubles as an energy drink.

Sound too good (or horrible) to be true? Check out the tweet from Sony — one of the producers of the show along with Amazon Studios — below:

It looks like G Fuel Energy, a zero sugar energy drink will now offer a concoction chock full of Compound V. While the bottle has the caveat that superpowers are not guaranteed if you drink it, it does purport to help with (explosive) energy, (laser-beam) focus, (supernatural) endurance, and (faster-than-sound) reaction time. The drink is, of course, blue, just like the Compound V on the series (as opposed to that temp V stuff that Butcher and Hughie are up to).

The Boys is doing more than invading your favorite energy beverage. The show finished its third season earlier this year and work on the fourth season is already underway with some new faces joining the cast including Susan Heyward as Sister Sage, Valorie Curry as Firecracker, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a mystery guest star. Cameron Crovetti, the suped-up son of Homelander, has also been bumped up to a series regular. 

There’s no official premiere date for Season 4 of The Boys, but while we wait, we can chug back some Compound V — for sale on Amazon — as we rewatch the first three seasons (and/or the animated spinoff, Diabolical) on Prime Video. 

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