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The BPRD opens its archives to celebrate Hellboy Day

By Donnie Lederer

March 23 is Hellboy day, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mike Mignola’s famous comic book creation. Since his inception, Hellboy has generated a multitude of comic books, three movie adaptations, and a series of animated specials.

The Hellboy Twitter account has given fans access to the BPRD archives to help celebrate the demon with a heart and huge right hand. The files within give you a look into the heroes and villains we will see in the upcoming movie, and allow fans to apply for an internship to the BPRD. Since we did our due diligence and tested the site, you must access the archive from a mobile device to gain full access. Using a desktop merely gives you the internship application.

The archives include profiles on the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich), the villain of the film, as well as Hellboy’s partners in the BPRD, such as Daimio (Daniel Dae-Kim) and Alice (Sasha Lane).

Oh, and since it isn’t stated anywhere on the site if the BPRD grants you an interview, please share with the rest of us if it's a paid internship. The last thing we need is to get our teeth knocked out by a goblin and not have dental to cover it.

Looking at these archives, it looks like the movie is as cool as the Hellboy sauce is hot, so we're in for a great ride next month.

Hellboy, starring David Harbour, written by Andrew Cosby, and directed by Neil Marshall, opens in theaters April 12.