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The Craft's Rachel True claims racism excluded her from conventions

By Jacob Oller
Rachel True in The Craft

Actress Rachel True, who was one of the four stars who made witchy ‘90s gem The Craft into the feminist cult hit we still love, claims that racism has been an active part of some people's reaction to the film since it came out — and alleges that certain fan conventions have continued the exclusionary stance.

In a series of tweets, True explained that while her costars (Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, and Robin Tunney) all have been receiving invitations to speak at reunions for the film at conventions, she has been left out. She did not disclose the names of the conventions. In her Twitter thread, True claimed that the decision to exclude her was an example of “casual racism” that has been prevalent in the film’s post-release handling since ‘90s press junkets and award shows.

She also went on Instagram, posting the following video:

True explains that it’s a convention’s right to not include her, but she says that this is part of a trend that’s been happening since those involved with the film’s production allegedly told her to take or leave an offer (that she claims was less than a quarter of her co-stars’ salaries) because “we have another black girl.” True also said that co-star Balk reached out to her “like a month or two ago” about a particular convention, which is why True harbors no ill will toward her castmates.

Here’s what True claimed is the convention’s response to her thread:

It reads, in part, “...we’re going to pass on Rachel." No specific information was included.

SYFY WIRE has reached out to True, Balk, and Columbia Pictures, the studio behind the film.