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Exclusive: Season 7 of The Croods Family Tree Promises Snakes, Subs and Sasquatches

The exclusive trailer for Season 7 of Dreamworks Animation's The Croods Family Tree promises underwater adventures!

By Tara Bennett

The Croods and the Bettermans' mythology just gets deeper and more tangled in the upcoming seventh season of DreamWorks Animation's animated spin-off series, The Croods Family Tree. Inspired by the blockbuster DreamWorks films The Croods and The Croods: A New Age, the series explores the ongoing misadventures of the two families as they "learn to live together on the most idyllic farm in prehistory." Six brand-new episodes premiere on Hulu and Peacock July 27. 

SYFY WIRE's exclusive reveal of the Season 7 trailer teases that the two families are set to tangle with Phil's hair growth formula; Hope and Eep discover underwater travel; they all run from a snake-like creature and Eep finds herself competing in an Alphafight!

During Season 6 of the series, the families came together to find Phil's stick bestie, Philliam; there was a best pet competition between the families; Phil and Grug bonded over pie and Gran's archnemesis, Malachi, came to live with them as they healed. For Season 7, along with the aforementioned stories, there will also be episodes where Eep has to make some major decisions about maintaining the balance of the croodimal kingdom and Dawn experiencing the blowback of critiquing her mother’s beloved beetball recipe.

In the expansive Family Tree cast, Amy Landecker continues to voice Ugga, the mighty matriarch of the Crood family, alongside Kiff VandenHeuvel who voices Grug, her hairy hubby. Super couple Eep (Ally Dixon) and Guy (Darin Brooks) return for more life and relationship challenges, while sassy Gran (Artemis Pebdani) is still there to rule with an iron-like stick. On the Bettermans side, Amy Rosoff returns as human matriarch, Hope, with her husband, Phil (Matthew Waterson). 

Bone up on all six seasons of The Croods Family Tree now on Peacock to prep for Season 7 on July 27. Or watch other DreamWorks Animation series like Abominable and the Invisible City.