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SYFY WIRE The Dark Tower

'The Dark Tower' showrunner outlines ideas for TV series & greater universe that could've been

 Producer Glen Mazzarra releases Twitter thread of ideas for scrapped The Dark Tower projects.

By Brandon Bush
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It is always sad to be reminded of the possibilities that never came to be, but The Dark Tower may be one of the more painful reminders. Earlier today, Glen Mazzara, showrunner on Amazon's scrapped Dark Tower TV series, tweeted out a thread of ideas and notes from the failed spin-off series on Twitter that may make you think of just what might have been.

The show would have been spun-off from the 2017 film. Based on the beloved fiction novel series of the same name by Stephen King, and starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, it did not perform well at the box office or with critics. Though the Walking Dead producer was slated to be the showrunner for Amazon's spin-off series in 2018, the show was ultimately scrapped.

“2 years ago, I was told #TheDarkTower was not moving forward to series. I had big plans not only for that show but for a whole TDT universe. Ideas from my notes,” Mazzara writes. As the thread continues, he teases various storylines and plots which would expand the universe of The Dark Towers saga and introduce fans –– new and old –– to parts of the TDT mythos that have yet to be in the limelight.

From looking into Father Callahan’s journey between the events of Salem's Lot –– another novel in King’s library of published works –– and The Dark Tower, to exploring the “establishment of the order of the gunslingers,” it is clear there are mountains of content that could have turned into MCU-level storytelling, especially since Mazzara says it had the opportunity to tie into some of King's other works that are based in the same universe.

“The world of The Dark Tower offers many opportunities for us to dramatize stories that may only exist in the written material as a line or two. For example, in The Wind Through the Keyhole, Roland mentions that Tim Stoutheart went on to become a gunslinger,” Mazzara continues in the thread. “The possibilities are endless.”

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