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Learn what hell awaits deep in the earth in exclusive trailer for horror film 'The Devil Below'

By James Comtois
The Devil Below poster

Novels such as How Green Was My Valley, Sons and Lovers, and King Coal describe the horrors of working in the coal mines: the grueling physical labor for virtually nonexistent pay, the devastating impacts on workers’ long-term health, the physical dangers, and the constant looming threat of being buried alive. Vertical Entertainment’s upcoming sci-fi thriller, The Devil Below, explores another horror of the mines that none of these works discuss — subterranean monsters with razor-sharp claws and huge pointy teeth.

In the intense trailer for The Devil Below, which suggests a film that’s less The Coal War and more Tremors by way of The Descent, a team of researchers come to a network of abandoned coal mines in Appalachian country, which have been ablaze for decades. While the researchers investigate what caused the fires, former miner Will Patton knows all too well that it was no natural disaster that caused the mines to shutter. And the research team soon discovers what closed the mines ... and what big teeth they have. 

Fortunately for the researchers, Patton has taken up a new career in “security and protection” since the mines have closed. When one researcher asks what he protects, he responds with: “You.” 

Check out the exclusive trailer and poster below. 

The Devil Below poster

Written by Eric Scherbarth and Stefan Jaworski and directed by Bradley Parker (The Chernobyl Diaries), The Devil Below stars Patton, Alicia Sanz, Adan Canto, Zach Avery, Chinaza Uche, Jesse Latourette, and Jonathan Sadowski.

The Devil Below opens in select theaters and on demand & digital on Friday, March 5.