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The Expanse: Marco Inaros looms large in new Season 5 poster and official pics

By Vanessa Armstrong

We only have one month until the fifth season of The Expanse premieres on Amazon, and today the streaming service revealed a new poster as well as several set photos, just to whet our appetites and get us guessing about where the 10 new episodes will take us.

There’s a lot in the new images to unpack and speculate on, but let’s first start with the shiny new poster, which you can see below:


The image has the regular crew of the Rocinante along with characters we’ve come to know and love in previous seasons such as Martian badass Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams), former U.N. head Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), Belter extraordinaire Camina Drummer (Cara Gee), OPA leader Fred Johnson (Chad L. Coleman), and mass murderer Clarissa Mao (Nadine Nicole).

The face that looms over them all, however, is Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander), the leader of a radicalized faction of the OPA who sent a bunch of asteroids hurtling toward Earth in last season’s finale. Marco’s prominence in the poster suggests that he’ll be a driving force for Season 5, both on a larger geopolitical front and also on the personal level as the former lover of Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper) and father of Naomi’s child, Filip (Jasai Chase Owens).

Speaking of Filip, you can see Naomi looking worriedly at an image of him in one of the newly released photos:

Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper) Expanse S5

It’s clear that Naomi is worried about him, and it’s a safe bet that part of her arc for the upcoming season will be to find Flip and try to get him out of his father’s influence.

Other members of the Rocinante will take a different journey this season. We know from the trailer, for example, that Amos is heading back to Earth for "personal business." It also looks like he’ll be meeting up with Avasarala while he's there, along with a new character, Admiral Delgado (Michael Irby):

The_Expanse_S5_Amos, Avasarala, Delgado

What could the laconic killer Amos have to discuss with the former head of the U.N. and an admiral? The mind reels with the possibilities, and while we’ll have to wait at least a month to find out, it’s a safe bet that whatever they’re talking about is something serious.

But what about everyone’s favorite protagonist, James Holden (Steven Strait)? It’s not clear whether he’ll help Naomi find Filip, and another image shows him eating some noodles and talking to documentarian Monica Stuart (Anna Hopkins):

The_Expanse_S5_Holden, Monica Stuart

Will Holden want to start his own cable news show with Stuart? Very doubtful, though who knows what the next season will bring?

Holden is also pictured on Tycho Station talking intensely to (one of) the leaders of the OPA, Fred Johnson:

The_Expanse_S5_Holden, Fred Johnson

Johnson will likely have his hands full dealing with internal OPA business as Marco looks to take a violent stance against the Inners, and this conversation suggests that Holden may get sucked into that fight as well.

This is all speculation, however. And there are more Season 5 photos in the gallery below to give us even more to chew on, including some shots of Bobbie getting swole and Drummer looking extremely badass. 

The first three episodes of Season 5 of The Expanse will drop on Amazon Video on Dec. 16. After that, new episodes land each Wednesday, leading up to the finale on Feb. 3, 2021.