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Amazon's new series The Feed boots up a tech dystopia in first cyberpunk trailer

By Jacob Oller
The Feed Amazon

The Feed isn’t just a hard-to-Google show title, but the latest in Amazon’s genre television push. The Walking Dead writer Channing Powell’s adaptation of Nick Clark Windo’s sci-fi novel of the same name looks to take social media and the internet to their biotechnical extremes. Everyone’s connected (sharing emotions, memories, etc.) and it’s definitely, definitely going to go wrong. Now fans can get their first look at the upcoming series’ cyberpunk dystopia.

The perspective-shifting, reality-altering show takes some of Black Mirror’s more technologically grounded episodes and gives them a terrifying link: everyone’s mind. So it makes total sense that veteran Black Mirror director Carl Tibbetts is on the hook to helm a pair of the season's 10 episodes. The first trailer for the show highlights how the Feed is tearing its users and their sanity apart.

Take a look:

You certainly don’t want to jack into this Matrix. 

Starring Guy Burnet and Nina Toussaint-White as a couple trying not to give in to the tech-obsessive lifestyle, the series pairs family and futuristic business drama with the sci-fi weirdness of a warped reality. It’s tough when the parents of Burnet’s character are those in charge of the Feed. David Thewlis (Wonder Woman) and Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones) are definitely the bad guys here as the inventor and CEO, respectively, of the evil, evil big brother of the RSS.

Jeremy Neumark Jones, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Osy Ikhile, Shaquille Ali-Yebuah, Chris Reilly, and Jing Lusi also star. The Feed hits Amazon streaming on Nov. 22.

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