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'The Flash' star Candice Patton teases ninth and final season as 'very Barry and Iris-heavy'

Patton and co-star Grant Gustin are currently in production on their Arrowverse swan song.

By Josh Weiss
Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen in The Flash

Over the summer, The CW announced that one of its last-remaining Arrowverse series — The Flashwould officially come to an end after a shortened ninth season. Production is currently underway on the last batch of 13 episodes, which will make the show the longest-running DC project on the network.

Catching up with TVLine, principal cast member Candice Patton (who plays the role of Iris West), revealed the crew has only made headway on two episodes thus far. She also described the season as being "very Barry and Iris-heavy ... to send them off in a way that will please the fans. They have a legacy to fulfill,” Iris’ portrayer pointed out, “so hopefully we’ll get to that. I’m eager to see [what happens], as well." Patton later continued: "It’s a lot of Barry and Iris. They’re not going to be separated. They are together and they are figuring it out as a team. I feel like they’re a strong superhero team this season."

Last month, it was confirmed that Richard Harmon (The 100) had been tapped to play a new version of Captain Boomerang. Casting news for Season 9 is few and far between, though it's probably safe to assume that Harmon won't be the only guest star popping up throughout The Flash's final circuit.

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“The thing I take away from the show a lot of times is that our guest stars really make the show,” Patton said. “Obviously, Grant [Gustin, who plays Barry Allen] and I and all the other actors are the staples, but I think what makes our show so special is that we’ve had so many incredible guest stars that fans have connected with, and I really hope to see some of the fan favorites come back.”

The CW canceled a plethora of original titles earlier this year in anticipation of its sell-off to Nexstar, and longtime network president Mark Pedowitz has exited after steering the ship for just over a decade.

“He is a fan of great television and stories,” prolific producer Greg Berlanti, one of the core founders of the Arrowverse, told Variety of Pedowitz. “He’ll watch every episode, he’ll give you know every kind of note, and he wants to argue and debate things. He represents to me that legacy of network heads that love TV. He was always having to do more with less and navigate two different boards. And he still figured out a way to connect with the audience. A whole generation have now grown up watching all of these CW shows.”

Season 9 of The Flash is expected to air sometime next year.

“The emotions haven’t really hit me yet…. It feels like any other season," Patton concluded. "But in the meantime, “I think everyone just has a deeper sense of gratitude, so every day feels a little more fun. I think we’re more present, and we’re enjoying the moments a little more, because we know they’re not going to happen every year.” 

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