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'The Flash' gears up for one last sprint on The CW with teaser trailer for ninth and final season

Season 9 of The Flash premieres on The CW Wednesday, Feb. 8.

By Josh Weiss
The Flash Season 9

Grant Gustin's Barry Allen begins to run out of road in The CW teaser trailer for the ninth and final season of The Flash. "You have been through a lot in nine years — and I'm very proud of you," says Barry's father-in-law, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin). "But it's not over yet," replies the Scarlet Speedster. "And I need your help to save the world." The stakes, it seems, have never been higher.

The Flash will be remembered as one of the greatest shows in the history of The CW, and everyone involved in its excellent nine-season run should be very proud,” Brad Schwartz, President, Entertainment, The CW Network, said in a statement earlier this month. “The team has delivered an epic final season, filled with plenty of twists, guest stars and surprises that will delight every fan. Now is the time to catch-up and enjoy this fantastic final ride alongside the fastest man alive.”

Watch the teaser below:

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Earlier this week, we learned that Nicole Maines will reprise her Supergirl character of Nia Nal — aka Dreamer — in the final episodes to solve a mystery alongside Iris West-Allen (Candace Patton). Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost), Danielle Nicolet (Cecile Horton), Kayla Compton (Allegra Garcia), and Brandon McKnight (Chester P. Runk) co-star.

Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter serve as executive producers alongside showrunner Eric Wallace. Speaking with Deadline over the summer, Wallace voiced his gratitude over the fact that the show has enjoyed the longest on-air tenure of any Arrowverse project — all of which have now been canceled (save for Superman & Lois, which could be placed on the chopping block very soon).

"Given the climate that we’re in with short seasons and short orders, it’s quite frankly a miracle and I’m so proud to be a part of something as special as this," he said. "It’s something that we, as writers and producers and directors, and even the studio and the network, something that we take very seriously. There may not be many more shows that get a chance to run more than 180 episodes, so we’re going to try this Season 9 to make each one just a home run if possible."

Season 9 of The Flash premieres on The CW Wednesday, Feb. 8, and will consist of 13 episodes (the smallest count of the entire show).

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