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Flash showrunner has plans for at least 2 more seasons; Grant Gustin contract talks delayed

By Josh Weiss
The Flash Season 6

The Scarlet Speedster may be the fastest hero in the DC Universe, but in the real world, he's been ground to a screeching halt by the coronavirus pandemic just like everything else. Appearing on Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast, Barry Allen actor Grant Gustin opened up about the affect the health crisis has had on future seasons of The Flash, which is currently nearing the end of its sixth season.

"The conversations actually had started already for adding a potential eighth and ninth [season], and then this pandemic happened, and everything has stopped," he said. "We don’t know when we’re, and I don’t know when we’re going to continue the renegotiation talks."

Season 7 is definitely assured, as The CW renewed The Flash back in early January along with Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Riverdale. While Gustin is only locked in for one more season on his "current contract," showrunner Eric Wallace is already thinking ahead.

"I have so many stories I am dying to tell on this show," he told TV Guide. "It's funny, I had a dream last night and in the dream, I might have just solved who the villain is and the entire arc for Barry, Iris, and the villain for Season 8, and dripping into Season 9. So, you know, I'm ready to go. I'll do the show as long as The CW will give me the pleasure and privilege — and Warner Bros. too — of being able to have fun playing in this sandbox."

The Flash

The Season 6 finale ("Success is Assured") airs on The CW Tuesday, May 12. It closes out a truncated season since production couldn't shoot the last three episodes. Wallace recently explained to SYFY WIRE that scripts are already written to properly wrap up the season, it's just a question of when/if those episodes can eventually be shot.

“Now we’re not [finishing them]," Gustin said on Inside of You. "We might do those scripts when we go back for seven to lead into what we were gonna film anyway. I don’t know what the plan is.”