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The Flash showrunner teases Twin Peaks-y fallout from Crisis, remixed rogues gallery

By Trent Moore
The Flash Marathon

The Arrowverse is now living in the blended super-world of Earth Prime, and when it comes to The Flash, it sounds like there are plenty of surprises left to play out now that Crisis on Infinite Earths is in the rearview mirror. And, yeah, it sounds like things might get weird. Like, Twin Peaks level weird.

Showrunner Eric Wallace opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the back half of the season, and teased it’ll be something largely fresh when compared to the first half of the season that unfolded pre-Crisis. Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Wallace teased they would be splitting the season into two “graphic novels” so to speak, akin to the way Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would have multiple self-contained arcs within one season. So, for the back half, expect some weird sci-fi goodness.

“Because this is the season of thrills and chills, if ‘Graphic Novel #1’ was the chills, ‘Graphic Novel #2’ is the thrills,”Wallace said. “Whereas Bloodwork’s story was very much The Flash’s version of a horror movie, it’s time to go to a thriller now, and there might even be a little sci-fi [weirdness] in there… because I watch too much Twin Peaks.”

Along with a new story, Wallace also promised the Crisis fallout will lead to some remixed rogues that should be familiar to fans from the past few years. That’s right — the birth of Earth Prime also apparently rewrite some baddie history, with villains returning with new histories, skills and even new metahuman abilities.

“The past villains that we saw in previous seasons, they’re not the same villains anymore. They are different people. They might even have different abilities, which Team Flash is going to get caught unprepared,” Wallace explained. “It gives a freshness to it and even more danger to what would be a meta-of-the-week kind of story line. It becomes even more treacherous if you don’t know what the meta is, because that meta is a little bit more unpredictable... We’re going to dig deep. You’re definitely going to get villains we have not seen in a long time popping up.”

The Flash returns tonight on The CW, and airs new episodes every Tuesday.

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