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The Flash: Snow & Frost aren't exactly the 'odd couple' in exclusive deleted scene from Season 7

By James Comtois

Now that The Flash's Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost have consciously uncoupled and are two separate beings, they must learn to live together. Literally. And based on this exclusive deleted scene from Season 7, that’s far easier said than done. 

In this deleted scene from "The One with the Nineties," the sixth episode of The Flash's seventh season, Caitlin and Frost (Danielle Panabaker, Patty Duke-ing it up in both roles) become a modern-day Odd Couple realizing that being roomies was far more challenging than being dueling personas sharing the same body. 

Check out the full clip, which can be found on The Flash: The Complete Seventh Season home video release, below. 

Frost finds it difficult to live with someone who needs everything to be spotless, and can’t sleep unless everything’s perfect. Meanwhile, Caitlin doesn’t much appreciate having to room with someone who thinks they know what’s going on inside her head all the time, since, “News flash,” she’s not inside her head. “Not anymore.” (Also, it didn’t help that Frost may have ruined Ronnie’s sweater while trying to wash it.) 

Deleted scenes like this one, a gag reel, a featurette on the departure of founding cast members Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) and Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), as well as all 18 episodes from the seventh season, are available on The Flash: The Complete Seventh Season, coming to Blu-ray and DVD today, Oct. 12. 

In July, showrunner Eric Wallace teased a “five-part special event” that’s somehow not a crossover for the opening of Season 8 featuring a boatload of other heroes. He also promised that the upcoming season will address Iris’ unresolved time sickness, and, of course, introduce a new baddie. We’ll, of course, be ready. But the question is: Will Team Flash (especially without Cisco or Harrison)?

Season 8 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, Nov. 16 on The CW.

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